Marijuana growing time lapse 1 month (Strawberry cough)

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September 30, 2010
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September 30, 2010
eboblin asked:

Marijuana growing time lapse apprx 1 month (Strawberry cough)


  1. TokeAIIDay says:

    my lil baby got to about 10 secs then died 🙁 r.i.p

  2. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    Google “pubmed” / Enter “Cannabinoids Cancer” … 566 articles!

  3. LaZyBoNeSz says:

    it grows mad quick

  4. sagaweed says:

    damn that was very cool,,, u should check my plants out there not that big but im just a beginner so …checkem out let me know what you think….

  5. EddieMcPot says:

    SC is the shit! I’ll have a vid up soon.

  6. RATTLEHEAD619 says:

    dude, I was thinkin the same thing, then I scroll down a little and see your comment and laughed my ass off

  7. massimobestpalylol says:

    *tear* so beautiful

  8. treguard1982 says:

    Oh well I think that was huge for a months grow. Well done 🙂

  9. beion69 says:

    I am growing some O.G. kush and the plant has grown a ton and its not even one week old

    I hope my plant grows into a big and beautiful plant as fast as yours did 🙂

  10. allybam1690 says:

    m8 to be honest fuck off i dont realy give a shit

  11. MeTaPhYsiKs says:

    If you wanted to be constructive, you wouldn’t have told him his plants were crap. Sorry, no way in hell that would help anyone.

  12. atrumblood says:

    yeah, ether strawberry cough grows really slow or your hyrdro needs a little fine tunning.

    Go to rollitup . 0rg and lookup atrumblood. my 2nd attempt which is about a month and a half long. my plant got huge!!!!

  13. bwrider100 says:

    i wish it grows that fast in like a minute

  14. thesandman159 says:

    how long till flower?

  15. allybam1690 says:

    how do u not take offence easy take it as a constructive critisism ;P

  16. MeTaPhYsiKs says:

    how do you not take offense to a comment like that?

  17. allybam1690 says:

    lol thats crap for a hydro grow ive seen better growth after 1 month in soil no offence meant m8y

  18. bsamba says:

    kannst du mir sagen was für dünger du brauchst?
    und die belichtung was für eine natriumdampflampe hast du?

  19. Donnybrook10 says:

    i cant watch this video

    i cant watch this video dY

  20. jackntilly says:

    dutch passion

  21. awsbakerordie says:

    smoking some right now

  22. soggytoast89 says:

    now how tall would that end up getting and would it turn out good if it was out doors for the whole growing season

  23. obliviousdreamer says:

    I smoked some strawberry cough yesterday… was potent. and tasty

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