Marijuana growing time lapse 1 month (Strawberry cough)


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eboblin asked:

Marijuana growing time lapse apprx 1 month (Strawberry cough)

24 comments on “Marijuana growing time lapse 1 month (Strawberry cough)

  1. sagaweed on

    damn that was very cool,,, u should check my plants out there not that big but im just a beginner so …checkem out let me know what you think….

  2. RATTLEHEAD619 on

    dude, I was thinkin the same thing, then I scroll down a little and see your comment and laughed my ass off

  3. beion69 on

    I am growing some O.G. kush and the plant has grown a ton and its not even one week old

    I hope my plant grows into a big and beautiful plant as fast as yours did 🙂

  4. MeTaPhYsiKs on

    If you wanted to be constructive, you wouldn’t have told him his plants were crap. Sorry, no way in hell that would help anyone.

  5. atrumblood on

    yeah, ether strawberry cough grows really slow or your hyrdro needs a little fine tunning.

    Go to rollitup . 0rg and lookup atrumblood. my 2nd attempt which is about a month and a half long. my plant got huge!!!!

  6. bsamba on

    kannst du mir sagen was für dünger du brauchst?
    und die belichtung was für eine natriumdampflampe hast du?

  7. soggytoast89 on

    now how tall would that end up getting and would it turn out good if it was out doors for the whole growing season

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