Is daily use of marijuana for reacational purposes actually drug abuse?

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SMO2 asked:

I have a family member that started in high school. He is now 31 and still parties and drinks and gets drunk alot. As far as I know he still does marijuana on a daily basis when alone and with friends. I think they call it a pothead?
-Is this normal?
-Would this cause verbal outbursts and angry/ defensive behavior?
-Would this be the root of ‘labelling people and making belittling jokes’ that seem still rather high school (may it stopped emotional maturity and growth?)
-Would this be perhaps why he is aggressive by nature?

I am just wondering if this is drug misuse or would stunt maturity?

i don’t want to sound like I am judging, but i have run into many conflicts with this family member who handles it by intimidation. Just trying to understand the situation better.
not violent. I didn’t say physically violent


  1. gotabedifferent says:

    No one that uses drugs intimidates me.If its not for medical use yes its drug use/abuse.Drug use will definatly cause personality changes,violence,obnoxious behavior.Specially if the person is drinking with it.OMGosh.Yea he’s got a problem.If he is violent around you don’t go around him.He may hurt you.

  2. Sgt Executioner (Xboxlive tag) says:

    Yeah he is called a drugatic and he needs help. Marijauna is illegal in all U.S states and territories. He needs rehab. Help him out. It does cause the behavior your talking about too.

  3. Hillary 2008 says:

    Yeahhhh,that’s what I would call a pothead.And,all of those things can result from drug abuse.I suggest you do some kind of intervention for your friend or whatever

  4. MoreQuestions says:

    if it is…..marijuana is one of the weakest “addictions” to have. in fact, it hasbeen proven scientically that it’s more a habit, than an addiction. it does not affect or addict the brain or the body to the extent cigarettes, alcohol or a stronger street drug does.

  5. freshbliss says:

    He sure sounds like an addict. And addicts are notoriously immature, self-centered, ego maniacs with insecurity complexes.

    I dont know how much that could help you make life easier on as daily basis – but you might want to google Al-Anon.
    They help people deal with alcoholics – it might be a worthwhile way for you to spend an hour.

  6. im serious says:

    it sounds like you just aren’t at his level … two different worlds man two different worlds… just let him be ..

    being a pothead is nothing bad..

  7. EmilyRose says:

    Drug abuse requires that the substance use interferes with important areas of social, education, or occupational function. Just using it every day isn’t enough for it to be considered a disorder – it has to interfere with things. So if he’s not able to hold down a job *because of his drug use* or he’s unable to form close relationships *because of his drug use* then it would be substance abuse, but if he’s just using it and doing fine otherwise, then it wouldn’t be substance abuse. The distinctions between legal and illegal substances or medical and recreational drug use don’t determine whether or not it’s substance abuse. It’s like, I take Ritalin every day, and while the reason that it’s *legal* is that I have a prescription for it, and I’m taking it to treat ADHD, the reason that it’s *not substance abuse* is that it doesn’t cause impairement of function.

    As far as I know, marijuana doesn’t cause irritability, aggression, or delayed social development. In fact, it tends to relax people, so I think it seems more likely that he would be using it to self-medicate an underlying disorder or symptoms that account for the irritability and aggression, and are probably less severe while he’s stoned. Of course I’m not qualified to say either way, and even if I were I wouldn’t have enough information, so that’s just my guess.

  8. justanother1 says:

    kids at a young age ,some people who have mental conditons should not touch marijuana as it effects the chemical balance of the brain , and in some people any unbalance is bad , starting pot at a early age is not doing your brain any favours ….although if we are talking about alcohol and apparently this guy drinks allot well then you are talking HARMFUL drug addiction ,and mind and mood altering drugs sanction by many governments, promoted through advertising as a good thing , alcohol wreaks more families destroys more lives than marijuana. it cost the governments millions in,policing, health care , and rehabilitation , so to say that because of marijuana he behaves this way is not quiet right , this guy properly started drinking alcohol at a early age coupled with drug use , which resulted in behaviour of this manner , its easy to say yeah it marijuana but alcohol is a far more deadlier drug , to your brain and to the welfare of others

  9. busybody123 says:

    -It’s not normal to use pot into your thirties on a regular basis.
    -Pot generally doesn’t cause angry outbursts. Whatever drives him towards pot may also contribute to the anger.
    -his immaturity is why he hasn’t woken up to the fact that he’s a pot head, not the other way around.

    He sounds like a real douche.