Who can tell me more about Amsterdam.10 points ?

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Man asked:

Amsterdam, i love it and cant get enough of it, the best hotel location wise is NH Grand Krasnapolsky, its 4 stars and the rooms are decent all streets there are strictly for pedestrians with shops and music cafes that lead directly to Dam square right near the hotel;, great clubs, pubs, indoor/outdoor coffee shops with legal marijuana and shrooms, casinos, and very friendly people all riding bicycles’ all year round..

6 comments on “Who can tell me more about Amsterdam.10 points ?

  1. not known on

    Voohoo ,.. Amsterdam yeah !! the europe sex capital, nice place , famous for kinky european sex, vandersexxx
    u can find a great night life and the place is very clean good bread …
    well the engineering is also good there is automatic dam to prevent the ocean water to wash Amsterdam away..as
    Amsterdam is below ocean level
    rest of things u have mentioned already..

  2. Mario on

    As a tourist you can say that but for locals there is much better places than around Dam square or Red light district, for example De Pijp or Jordan areas…

  3. mercedeshoff on

    well for one thing marijuana is not legal in Holland! It is tolerated. Cannabis remains a controlled substance in the Netherlands and both possession and production for personal use are still misdemeanors, punishable by fine. Coffee shops are also illegal according to the statutes. The other thing i would say is that what you are describing is only a touristic view / touristic area of Amsterdam. Amsterdam has so much more, so visit again and explore some other parts of Amsterdam!

  4. djk on

    There are approximately 40 canals in Amsterdam with about 10 bridges a piece. The people there are the friendliest that I have ever met in Europe (I have been to France, Germany, and Switzerland for about a total of 35 weeks in my life). I had the best Indonesian meal of my life there. The Anne Frank Haus and Van Gogh Museum are incredible. The Rijksmuseum is being renovated so they have a limited collection. I assure you that you will have the time of your life there. Leidesplein is a cool place to hang out. Cafe Luxembourg is rated one of the best Cafes (not a coffeeshop) in the world. For the best quality coffeeshop go to the Grey Area. For the best atmosphere coffeeshop go to Popeyes.

  5. NinjaRat on

    Amen to Amsterdam! Whether the drugs are legal/tolerated means little to me. It was a blast! But be VERY careful about eating the hash brownies. Good god ya’ll, I went right off the map, blacking out and still walking around.

    But there’s more to Ams. than that, it’s just a wonderful place for food, art, museums, history, anything. New York City is cool, but it’s no Amsterdam. The red light district has to be seen – it’s fascinating. I can’t wait to go back and do less drugs and more exploration.

    Well done, Dutchies!

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