The Marijuana Prepper : What If A Bear Attacks? Are You Prepared To Toke Up?


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The Marijuana Prepper : What If A Bear Attacks? Are You Prepared To Toke Up?Discreet Marijuana Seeds Shipped Worldwide:

50 comments on “The Marijuana Prepper : What If A Bear Attacks? Are You Prepared To Toke Up?

  1. Notof Thisworld on

    ive Never Tried a vap pen
    i’ve been using a hot spoon on the oven burner
    :+) :+) :+)

  2. ron ruscansky on

    Yeah i dig the pen. I just watched you show it on another vid. I want one!  (#5!!!! on the comments) thanks for giving me a chance to get something cool as hell..

  3. SuperFishgeek on

    Even if I don’t win that vape pen or any of the other cool stuff u have, It was still worth subbing u bro. Have a great day tomorrow , outie

  4. MassTrichromes on

    Amen….Patient to patient is the only way to go. Rhode Island has a great set-up with their Caregiver and Patient system. Hoping Mass does a similar thing…find out soon enough, thanks for the sub . -JD

  5. raideon17 on

    yeah, those people who seek videos to flag and complain need a life. Its unfortunate how some people arent considerate enough to let another person live the way they want to. anyways great video bud

  6. SeedBankReviews on

    most people will assume you are smoking some sort of ecig compared to trying to smoke out of a piece. no lighter needed but I can’t tell what odor there is because I always smell like weed LOL

  7. SeedBankReviews on

    it isn’t too large and I believe they have smaller and larger ones depending on the style.

  8. buzworthy1 on

    They ban cannabis channels yet what about the video where the guy pumps air into liquor and “smokes” the vapor. Pure stupidity and its still up. Smh

  9. SeedBankReviews on

    it is what it is, but hey it gives them something to do and at least they are doing SOMETHING in life at least.

  10. mijemu on

    I think a lot of the youtube sensorship is selective enforcement, my channel got a black mark for insulting Piers Morgan in a comment on a video and I have not started a video channel yet, and then I noticed that there are people insulting people in the comment sections quite often so I thought it was bull that I actually got a black mark on my channel.

  11. Michael Amoretti on

    Those are amazing. I had something very similar but it wasn’t a vaporizor it was an all in one and internal. Used a refill butane tho. Going to have to grab one of these.

    Strong supporter of the videos you upload. As well as what you do! Knowledge is power and only by helping each other can we truly live in peace.

  12. SuperFishgeek on

    I won 3 Souvenier eggs , from the JayThegrow pro show “bingo” and I was really excited . I Couldn’t even imagine how excited :-))) I’d be if I won a kit with any of them goodies you have . God bless u man .

  13. SeedBankReviews on

    I am diggin the one that I am testing so whoever wins the vape will for sure love the hell out of it indeed.

  14. Blake Dabney on

    Really new to the vape scene, kind of old school. LOL but liked the taste and the high from the vaporizer. Have to get one of those though real nice.

  15. whiterain49 on

    i smoked weed for thirty yrs i turned alright i dont do hard drugs work everyday it helps me got off allmy anti depression meds

  16. Edwin Chicas on

    dammm broo wat do ihave to do to win that i would love u for ever dude lol… 4-20 give away pick mee!!! pls hahahahaa i want that so bad but i know i wont get i never win stuff anyways

  17. rubbinman1998 on

    Ya I have an inhalator and its a little bigger but pen sized ones are awesome for the go or just to bounce around your property.Looks like a decent piece man.Hows the batt. life?Sounds pretty cool.I think Joe Rogan said it best since weed is schedule 1 vs. cocaine is Schedule 2.So,”weeds a gateway to cocaine,oh its better,NO NO NO,its worse” lmfao , WTH! knowledge is power brothers n sisters.Nice vid bro.

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