Soundrone’s Mailbag #10

November 9, 2014
Camo Cowboys Inside or Outside
November 9, 2014

Brought to you by BORO WAREHOUSE Lil Big Chug Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on …


  1. Mcjake127 says:

    Yo sound you should do a tour of your ranch! Love the vids man

  2. MILEStoner86 says:

    Hey sound, was thinking about placing my 2nd order from borowarehouse. It
    might be a couple of pieces, is expedited shipping available? 

  3. Sound Experiments says:
  4. Shane Travers says:

    havent watched your stuff in a while but god dayum its good to see you man

  5. Tyler Ayala says:

    Love the vids

  6. Inec Thorne says:

    Hey sound do you think you could show off the 14” inverted showerhead with
    the 6 arm tree perk? I’m going to buy one I would just like a video to send
    to my friends to show them where to get it and how it functions. Have a
    good one brother

  7. UNRATEDGfx says:

    Hey sound! If I bought a lil big chug, is there an option to buy a bowl
    instead of the dome?

  8. Th3 Courier says:

    Sup sound man

  9. Helmer Cuellar says:

    I fucking love you man. i get so happy every time i check youtube and see
    that you uploaded a video. youre my favorite youtuber man. Hope youre doing
    well bro.

  10. Dustin Chapman says:

    FIRST! Love the vids Sound keep em’ coming!

  11. khris j says:

    sound should do a video of a doing voices for the whole vid 

  12. ben dover says:

    feel better sound!

  13. louie stringer says:

    watch all ur vids funny as hell :)

  14. Gilbert Bradham says:

    That looks cool af!!!

  15. Joe Johnson says:

    Illuminati….do not joke about such things. Smoke your weed, sell your
    plastics and metals and eat your sweets. Enjoy the little freedoms we allow
    you to have – like smoking weed (***fine print: we will club you down like
    baby seals if you break our rules)..ok? oh, and more metal detector videos
    please. Those are pretty fucking cool.

  16. Jose Mendez says:

    “The show must go on”

    Soundrone is the best