Soundrone 420 Giveaway results ** RE-UPLOAD***

Dabaconda Dab FAIL and Winners Re-Uploaded
April 26, 2015
♪ Scooter Vlog ♫ Scooter Vlog ♪
April 26, 2015

Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at Boro Warehouse Discount Glass Gallery For Parts 420 …


  1. William Brunelli says:

    Thanks for the love Sound!

  2. HarrySoSSniping says:

    much love from Ecuador, Sound

  3. snack pack says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  4. Sound Experiments says:
  5. NekoSteamBoy says:

    Youtube didnt even told me you doing a giveaway lols *sadface*

  6. mike russo says:

    4:42-4:45 you dripping bro?

  7. DaKine Dabs says:

    Dudeee, my comment was picked and I paused the video super stoked to
    celebrate my win with a glob dab and I come back, nope you didn’t win, that
    was horrible Lmao But the shout out made my day Sound thank you for that
    and the fun of the contest! Haha 

  8. SpaztallicA says:

    Hahahaha at 9:46 you nearly said luke nukem’ :’)

  9. 620tonka says:

    love the shirt. cheers

  10. Old Stoner says:

    Thanks for the cool awesome giveaway

  11. Jason Sleeper says:

    Awe, Saw my comment and i was excited all video, Sucks i didnt win
    anything. Thanks anyway though.. 🙂 Love the vids!

  12. Tim Decker says:

    That sounded like ur scooter vlog song!

  13. Kush klass says:

    I don’t even need a give away man your a fricking youtube stoner boss 🙂 

  14. Pulsed Neutrino says:

    i saw some dried fruit in the cupboard the other day and it said on the
    packet “stoned and ready to eat” and i thought to myself “yes i am” lol

  15. Trey Gray says:

    Ive been watching and commenting on your vids for years never been choose.