Smoke Out with WIZ KHALIFA

Resident Evil Remastered w/ Clerkius | #13 | Boss Battle Bananza [Chris’ Campaign]
February 19, 2015
Cheese feminized marijuana strain by dinafem seeds in Scrog
February 19, 2015

Soundrone smokes to Reefer Party by Wiz Khalifa Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at Boro Warehouse Discount Glass Gallery …


  1. Sound Experiments says:
  2. Chase Wilkinson says:

    no sound……NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Stone Tacular says:

    Sound in da trap

  4. MN WAKEnBAKE says:

    I’ve never seen a vaporizer with that piece wth sound that shit is sweet!

  5. live2burn710 says:

    COMFORTABLY NUMB PINK FLOYD haha awesome show sound 

  6. Hjalte Brink-Vilsen says:

    I think god smokes weed .Echo Movement

  7. nathaniel cohen says:

    love your program soundrone………but wiz khalifa sucks…….how about
    more of your humor and wit and less losers…..

  8. shootout123x says:

    more wiz khalifa!!! his newer stuff and also b-real and berner

  9. E Beazy420 says:

    When the lights are low-The Paragons.. I seen a dope smoke video with that

  10. Eric Maulson says:

    sound u shud smoke to luniz- ive got five on it

  11. ERED420 says:


    Thousand pounds of weed! 

  12. norcal extractions says:

    Hahah dude likin the rap vids!!

  13. Dario Turrey says:

    paly the snog ?I what too get high? it By cypress hill it kool song 

  14. JakRomano says:

    Mgk- la la la(the floating song)

  15. Nick E says:

    yo sound next video you should do the song 100it gang by kevin gates

  16. eric cronin says:

    That’s jokes you got the adapter for your bong

  17. E Beazy420 says:

    Reefer party !!!!!

  18. ZixnK says:

    missleading title but all god:D still nice vid

  19. Sam Smith says:

    you uploaded this right at 420 in england :P

  20. Burningriver says:

    Hey Sound, whats the vaporizer your are using again? I’m trying to get a
    vape for Spring but i’m kinda unsure on what to buy. So i was wondering if
    ya could hit me up with a few names that are to your liking and under two
    hundred dollars.
    Thanks man! Cheers! 

  21. Jack Herrer says:

    Reefer party? Haha cheers bro!

  22. William Warren says:

    I love this song.

  23. ben rollins says:

    You should play brain stew by green day

  24. Sam Smith says:

    also you should smoke out to some Metallica or something

  25. TheRadboy84 says:

    Awsome I smoke out to wiz all the time, so soundrone and wiz equals epic
    win of a vid, 7 thumbs up!

  26. Jus tin says:

    Should smoke to Up – wiz khalifa 

  27. A1Destroyer says:

    task and linus hits from the nail with some dabs man

  28. Zachary Yazzie says:

    Kid Cudi- Man On The Moon
    Kid Cudi- Pursuit OF Happiness
    Kid Cudi- Just The Way I Am
    Kid Cudi- Marijuana 

  29. Justin Hyde says:

    Do some dabs to Shatter by Berner & B-Real!

  30. WakeUpand BakeUp says:

    The grinder by wiz khalifa is sick too

  31. powerliftingteen says:

    Lucky bastard hahah ;)

  32. WakeUpand BakeUp says:

    Ot – Berner Ft. Wiz Khalifa ! Lemme hear you bump this and your the
    fucking man Sound!