Sheldon Black With 11 Arm Cheech Ash Catcher

Cannabinoids & Medicine; John Berfelo Speaks Out
August 24, 2014
Marijuana GaRDeN FLoWeR RooM WeeK 4-6
August 24, 2014

Sheldon Black With 11 Arm Cheech Ash CatcherSoundrone smokes from the #sheldonblack Bent neck with the black 11 arm tree ash catcher. Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at For…


  1. Yedna Johnson says:

    Damn Sound I’m jealous!

  2. Bob Ross says:

    you changed his life and him telling you changed your life and that changes
    my life deep stuff breh #freeglarry

  3. Ian Somers says:

    Your videos are awesome

  4. Mike DeRose says:

    Hey Sound, I love the long sessions myself and leaving a few minutes of the
    aftermath of your sesh is the BEST! But I know lots of peeps enjoy the fast
    sesh idea more. I like the idea of filming most of your daily rippers/dabs
    and using the best one(s) for a short vid no need to edit every so often.
    Just keep them labeled if they are smoke only vids. I think a balance is
    key with all the new ideas you’ve been juggling. Goodluck with the website.
    Congratulations on changing lives lol!

  5. medium2600 says:

    Love your vids. I look forward to watching more of your vids.

  6. Anonymous-kado says:

    Nice to see you took my advice!

  7. Daniel Cartwright says:

    +Sound Experiments hey man big fan can u please email me I really wanna
    talk to you about something man!

  8. Sound Experiments says:
  9. imsorryurbad says:

    Maybe you have already mentioned this before. But is there any medical
    reason you smoke cannabis?

  10. Sam Harrison says:

    Get a real job.

  11. Lu Corr says:

    Lool! I hit some bowls and lucky me Soundrone has a released a new vid!

  12. Trevor cerruto says:

    that bud looks so delicious

  13. theganjaman says:

    sounds smoking bowls and saving souls

  14. Blaze and be Happy says:

    Oh My..

  15. Dazz Gee says:

    awesome vid man!

  16. Michael Hess says:

    +Sound Experiments Epic milk @9:56 soundman! You’re becoming my new
    favorite YouTube stoner!

  17. connor day says:

    Hey sound does youtube pay you or do u make money from bee lasso?

  18. devilsgardianangel says:

    where is a good place to get jars? i always find the little ones but im
    looking for atleast a ounce

  19. CM Connolly says:

    I have made similar comments and expressions towards you, Sound. You REALLY
    are an incredibly amazing being. Just BEING you, brother. I do not do
    Facebook anymore, I just do the whole Google+/YouTube thing, and I make
    sure I keep up with your uploads. I WISH I could be your companion. The
    depression and severe pain I endure is less occupying and painful when I am
    sitting with you. Just knowing you care enough to share your expressions
    and opinions here on YouTube, even if it is not personally to me, is
    brilliant!. I am looking in your face and laughing along with you. I feel
    like I need to find you and hopefully we can hang out and talk about
    whatever our brains can come up with. Thank you, Sound. I have love for
    you. You are a supreme being. Cheers.