See Jane Smacked Ep.28 ~ ~ 4.24.15

Clearing the Smoke – The Science of Cannabis [CSD]
April 24, 2015
Speculoos and Sticky Box Enail
April 25, 2015

See Jane Smacked Ep.28 ~ ~ 4.24.15 In this Episode I answer your grow questions & announce the Winner of the $50 Gift Certificate of Hash Tag Your Grow …


  1. Evan Stoner says:

    Sorry I can’t reply directly I’m on my iPhone. But nice to know I made you
    have a nice trip down memory lane! Happy Frieday to you too 😀 #muchlove

  2. CynicallyObnoxious says:

    OMG I love your kitchen its so retro with a modern touch! Also what site do
    you do See Jane Live on?

  3. MrPiratebrain says:

    Hey jane
    I topped and fimmed my sour diesel autoflower and contrary to popular
    belief ir started branching out like crazy. A ton of tops and bushy. I
    added supperthrive and epson salt. Mayby i am just lucky knock on wood.

  4. Evan Stoner says:

    Just started watching! High Jane!

  5. Pearl Suarez says:

    Yes! Under the 301 club! 13 views!!

  6. Taralya McDonough says:

    You can grow a lot of weed with CFLs! I got the idea from the green ninjas

  7. Michael Hart says:

    I broke the down stem to my favorite bong today. 🙁 Back to my old 10mm
    rig. Cheers!

  8. Taralya McDonough says:

    Hope I catch your live stream Monday at 4:20 pm.
    I’m not sure what to do to get on it with you?
    Never did a live chat on utube!

  9. Amber M says:

    Yay popped your comment box cherry! Hehe ♡

  10. jacob chaffin says:

    Haha awesome