See Jane Smacked Ep.27 ~ Moving On Up ~ 4.10.15

Why Would You Do That?? – Sexy Fish Challenge
April 11, 2015
★ Double DAB Strike Out! ★
April 11, 2015

See Jane Smacked Ep.27 ~ Moving On Up ~ 4.10.15 In this Episode of See Jane Smacked I get stoned af off back to back bong hits & tell some stories about my new life in the mountains! Hashtag…


  1. Evan Stoner says:

    It’s alright Jane! have fun with your boyfriend ! For mine me and my
    boyfriend are going camping! it’s my first time camping and it’s so
    exciting!!! #loveyoujane

  2. Evan Stoner says:

    Also what was your first strain you ever grew? #growace

  3. Nickolas Vostoris says:

    “Beer Can” it kinda like a cornish hen. If you don’t know how to beer can
    it there is stuff on youtube about it. Oh and do it on the bbq obviously,
    some people do it inside but thats no fun. Oh and your supposed to leave a
    little beer in it but if your going to eat it with a sweet sauce try with a
    little Jack Danials instead(i don’t drink but for some reason its great to
    cook with)! Very yummy combination.

  4. Brittney Espinosa says:

    You got your twitter and ig in the description, now youre gonna have to add
    your facebook link too. What is it? I MUST be your friend! ♡☆

  5. scurry_away says:

    Wow! That is the coolest spot. I love your back yard! I’m so glad to see
    you today. Just leaving a quick ‘Hi’ before I go pack a cone, find a quiet
    spot, and sit to watch your video without interruption and get smacked with
    you. Cheers!

  6. Shelley B says:

    This is the kind of stoner video I love. Just telling your stories, one
    after another. I like when you’re not stressing about what to talk about. I
    wish some of my other faves would do more of this. 🙂 Btw your new home
    looks beautiful, inside and out! I’m envious lol but happy for you.

  7. ToatsMcGoats says:

    I don’t think pants are going to save you from a rattlesnake bite.. :o

  8. Andrew Mestieri says:

    Awesome video

  9. 420 GIRL says:

    #Ne milky bowls

  10. Nickolas Vostoris says:

    OH!! and it kinda looks like your sitting in a heart lol You should call it
    “Heart Rock” or “Love Shack” lol

  11. Andrew Mestieri says:

    I think milky hits are nasty too