Potting Soil Experiment Mix UPDATE – Roots Organics Original & Fox Farm Happy Frog

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April 5, 2013
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April 5, 2013

Potting Soil Experiment Mix UPDATE - Roots Organics Original & Fox Farm Happy FrogJOIN THE DANK DEN https://thedankden.com/index.php?do=/invite/user_51/ Anyone wanting to talk cannabis with me or learn more about can click the link above a…


  1. EastCoastChameleon says:

    I used to manage a hydro store and we never sold roots there.This new store ive been going to talked me into trying it.see now ive heard both ways.some people love the roots and others like me have burnt their plants.Im only using water with the roots and this happened

  2. Devin andStacie says:

    badass videos!!!!!!!

  3. christianbubbles says:

    i love that light t5 and i love u vid show some super soil i hear a rumor about subcool resepie

  4. EastCoastChameleon says:

    thanks.I never know what to say…

  5. EastCoastChameleon says:

    Ive never burnt a plant in my life till now in this mix.I was mixing these based on everyone doing the ocean forest and happy frog combo.I figured it would be similar but this was my results.

  6. justrick48 says:

    I have not tried this but I was told that a few drops of SM 90 or ho20 in your water will kill knats do you know about this and how do you control them, THANKS.

  7. seanlamb07 says:

    i sell these soils i always here from customers roots is the best that no nutes are needed threw veg except a little calmag when using roots. and had even more tell me they never have bug issues with it. and here you say its got bugs. and its hot. happy frog it a mix either people love it or hate it.

  8. todizzle666 says:

    not my comment but what??? lol super soil? didnt hear anything bout supersoil in this video

  9. MrMarine347 says:

    yeah man that happy frog is loaded With gnats for sure .. i just did a soil drench with azamax today..

  10. EastCoastChameleon says:

    Ive herad of all the different remedies.i dont do anything about them cause its a mild case to me.

  11. kickingharold1 says:

    Shouldn’t be that hot but idk. I use 50/50 ocean Forrest and happy frog