Outdoor OMMP Cheeba Grow PURE- MONSTERS UPDATE 8-16-14

2014 ESC and Flower Initiator Project, Installment 13 Aug 15, 2014
August 17, 2014
August 17, 2014

Outdoor OMMP  Cheeba Grow  PURE- MONSTERS UPDATE 8-16-14Good thing I didn’t grow my full 12 and bump down. The 20x-40 Green House is stuffed with 9. Please enjoy and don’t forget to Sub,like,share . Thank you for watching.


  1. QWERTY42 says:

    Do you have a nuclear plant leak nearby?! HOLY SHIT

  2. TheeBudGuru says:

    Mega Righteous Bro!

  3. Humboldt Greenthumb says:

    fans lots of fans! looking great!!

  4. Tim F says:

    Also way better job not shaking the cam thanks for listening haha 

  5. rghands711 says:

    Good luck hitting a 10 pounder.. Looks like you’re about 18 days into
    flower now.. You use super soil or nutrient feed? 

  6. Gokickrocks says:

    trimming for dayz =)

  7. medi CalGrower says:

    Its that time bro! You still think 10 each?

  8. Tim F says:

    It has begun… 🙂

    Keep the updates coming man love it