Outdoor marijuana & pc grow box


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Outdoor marijuana & pc grow boxciderella 99,bluedreams,white widow, autoflower,pc grow box blue dreams.

15 comments on “Outdoor marijuana & pc grow box

  1. Jerry Johnson on

    I have cinex which is Cinderella 99 and something else does your 99 have three leaf fan leaves?

  2. ChronicTheHedgeBong on

    Yes I have done a pc grow before. It’s fun but keep in mind all the effort and time you will put in will not return in yield as much as you think the plants need to be stress trained a ton. You will also want a strain that takes well to topping and will produce multiple bud sites like a bubba kush. Something with a ton of small buds no matter how big the plant. Have fun with this info and enjoy.

  3. wmacias8466 on

    yeah also have no idea why but grow nice and Bushy but with small 3 leaves it also has 5 not just 3 but yea its normal

  4. ChronicTheHedgeBong on

    It’s very possible that your plants will continue to grow. They will not die, simply reveg. Hahaha. I thought you were a dude

  5. HygroHybrid on

    everything looks great. locationis perfect. i would steak the tops down low to the ground becasue they are small budding plants i would want to get the most from them the just single cola tops. bend the top over and tie it to a steak in the ground you will get move bud.

    i have a 14′ tall outdoor sativa plant i steaked down. shes now 7′ tall and you can drive a car thew it, mountains of bud sites! bushy bushy bushy


  6. ChronicTheHedgeBong on

    You’re very possibly going to notice these plants are gonna re veg. It was slightly the wrong time being as we’re at a 12 hour light cycle barely starting to Change. From those buds you will notice they will slowly start to die off.

  7. wmacias8466 on

    no lol i just dont know how to use this youtube yet lol thanks chronic. have you done a pc grow box b 4 please tell me any info you knoe

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