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OUTDOOR CANNABIS GARDEN - Part 8 Final VideoAfter a couple weeks we return to the outdoor garden and its roughly week 4 or 5 of flower im guessing. This is the last video in this series as i broke the …

10 comments on “OUTDOOR CANNABIS GARDEN – Part 8 Final Video

  1. player4574 on

    Can’t put it inside. No room. That’s why they are outside in the first place unfortunately

  2. player4574 on

    THIS WAS BASICALLY THE FINAL VIDEO IN THE OUTDOOR SERIES. EVERYTHING WAS MADE INTO HASH SINCE THEY HAD P.M. Great hash came from these ladies. Stay tuned for my next series! …Indoor Soil Grow, my first dirt run. Coming in a week!

  3. player4574 on

    That’s a new 1. A little late now to start, ill run it on a few lower leaves to see if it works.

  4. brockkkk6969 on

    Just spray the infected plants with hydrogen peroxide.. Wont affect the taste or smell of ur finished product. I dealing with pm right now. Is in the air this year very bad

  5. scantec gamer on

    great vid again,have you used duel spectrum cfl.will be use a 200watt one.first indoor grow.normally only outdoor.

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