Mystery Package Unboxing


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Mystery Package UnboxingSoundrone receives a mystery package and opens it to reveal the AWESOMENESS inside Cheech Glass https:// Kasulis Customs Dab Box https://

26 comments on “Mystery Package Unboxing

  1. Nate P on

    If you wait till the dab has melted off the dabbed and on to the nail, you
    can put a finger on the top of the dome to restrict air flow(carb cap) and
    get a very milky hit

  2. Mathias Sawka on

    Hey sound,I noticed you call your cheech bongs that have the 50 mil joints
    convertibles, in Canada we call them
    build-a-bongs hahaha! 

  3. jamie stevens on

    Hey sound I have a bong that’s so caked up with resin the down stem is
    stuck, any tips on how to get it out?

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