Medical outdoor marijuana garden

1000W Grow Room Day 1 Flower
September 1, 2011
Medical marijuana outdoor bag seed
September 2, 2011

Medical outdoor marijuana gardenProp 215. Caterpillars are out and about! Enjoy the video folks!


  1. PeacefullQ says:


  2. rinkadinkles says:

    @DaFactor24 They’re all different sizes! Mostly small ones though, not even a half inch long… So far the only thing thats been killing them is Safers Caterpillar Killer. You can use it pretty much up to harvest, I stop using it probably 3 or 4 weeks before though. I spray it real late at night too! Thats when those babies come out most.

  3. DaFactor24 says:

    How big are yo caterpillars and what do they look like and di u recommend anything for this late in the season..

  4. DaFactor24 says:

    Thanks 4 the info ima try that shit to I dont see any damage on the buds tho the ones I’ve been seeing is less than a quarter of a inch and they clear or browish lookin

  5. 123KOOKUSH says:

    Stoooooooey! pick a nug early for me!

  6. ktrain420247 says:

    Looks dank as fuck.

  7. rinkadinkles says:

    Gonna post another update a little later, when the sun starts to go down… With a better camera too!