marijuana outdoor spring crop and questions

Marijuana: Growing outdoor 1 week
May 19, 2011
High Comedy 2
May 19, 2011

marijuana outdoor spring crop and questions ask me questions ill answer, suggest videos you want me to do


  1. Arsonloke says:

    show us how you trim and cure your herb

  2. inkQbus2009 says:

    sam your the man man!! lol best marijuana grow videos for me, your channel r my favorite im always telling my friends about how sic your whole growing op is, your living our dream dude, i live in mass. east coast new england soo…anywayz i love how you explain everything, just keep doin what your doin. i cant wait to see your plants this summer

  3. bingaloid says:

    show more of your indoor grows.

  4. k2dart says:


    Ive heard they have testing centers for thc/cbd ratios in cali these days. Anyway what I meant was In other words, what is your most couchlock strain? What are some of your strains that are highly indica and have an effect like valium. I don’t like sativas they or early indicas because they lack the cbd which keeps me mellow and medical.


    @Ronniecrf450 coming soon

  6. 07potgrabber says:

    @firsttim3hi try dropping them into water in the dark like a film container , etc… for 2 days then plant 1/4″ under wet soil and light or sun

  7. CaliStylee89 says:

    how did you manage to give them continual darkness to induce flower

  8. firsttim3hi says:

    Hey man I watch all ur vids and u do one on germinating some seeds I’m having a really hard time getting them going and it’s been a while so yeah thank you


    @SF10DANK coming soon

  10. ddavid993 says:

    @MrSterlinghayden yeah.. i hate them, i think i have diamond back caterpillers that are from moths

    can u use sprays in mid to late budding if used carefully?? and or will it effect taste or burn the thc heads?
    they seem to come when the buds are in mid to late budding for me.. dont really see them any time else

  11. SAMMCCONNELL says:

    @firsttim3hi well if you watched all my videos you would know I do not grow from seed.

  12. GratefulMeds says:

    soil mixes??? insectide usage and mixing??? recycleing soil or coco??

  13. SAMMCCONNELL says:

    @Loosertroete wooo…calm down man…LOL
    I myself dont thing one is better then the other also. Each strain or type of weed is different. depends on what a person likes. thats how I see it anyway

  14. SAMMCCONNELL says:

    @orelament go to my videos, I have posted what I use for fertilizer. both for vegg and for flower. I do not do any breeding, or crossing of strains. Not my thing. by far not an expert of any kind when it comes to that kind of thing. so sorry, cant help with that request.

  15. yorkshirerepresenter says:

    fuckin rabbits mate!!!! how to stop them bitchs munchin on your shit!

  16. SAMMCCONNELL says:

    @Ronniecrf450 seeds should be started april 1st. indoor. after a week or two of growing then put outdoors.

  17. SMIXR93 says:

    can u send me two pots and a bag of soil ….

  18. DMontalvo2008 says:

    Nice looking Grape Ape Sam! Can You do a how to on nutrients for plants or correct dossage? Thank you and man I wish I could taste how purple that grape ape is going to be when it finishes. Cheers Chiesel in the vaporizor!

  19. itchyundies says:

    @firsttim3hi just place in damp soil in a pot and keep moist it can be in a cupboard till they sprout just dont let it dry out the soil and dont over wet it

  20. SF10DANK says:

    @k2dart I feel you! I seek out the same indica strains! I tryed sativa with negative results.

  21. SAMMCCONNELL says:

    @vafbsgb watch for a video on this tomorrow.

  22. Loosertroete says:

    indica is better ? bullshit. none of them is better. both are good. most pure sativa plants just flower too long. and breeding isn’t just that easy.

  23. Ronniecrf450 says:

    @SAMMCCONNELL Should I start my outdoor same time as you Jun 1st?.?.?.?.?. I got some seeds coming up right now. I only have two blue dream clones I bought from oakland I need more but thats like a 2 hour one way drive for me so it looks like I’ll be doing mostly seeds

  24. wesleypipes120 says:

    I would like to see a trellis or scrog employed with one or two of your ladies 😉

  25. orelament says:

    hay bro check it out i wanna see every thing you use plant food , nutrience , plant boosters like super thrive …..also id like to see you cross breed strains but we both know indica is better then sativa but if u mix them you will get big sativa plants with indica bud

  26. outdoorgrowin says:

    hey so when u put your plant outdoor in june, how do u do it cuz iv done it last year and one couldnt take the heat and died

  27. pauldabald1 says:

    I wanna see some green crack or some lambs bread!!!!! How many weeks in bloom should they go!!!

  28. MrSterlinghayden says:

    The Grape Ape is so beautiful man….I have 1 or 2 of those…might have to get a couple more. Nice garden btw….I got a Blueberry Cheese this year and a few others…AK47 is one I have never tried.


  29. SAMMCCONNELL says:

    @trimmin420 I will do a video on what I do day to day real soon, so keep watching. the plants your seeing out side are not auto flower. If you put clones outside march 1st they will flower and finish before the summer planting season. the light is right.

  30. islandgrown01 says:

    i have a quik ? what organic mix can i use strictly once sex is complete to regularly water til the bloom cycle is finish for best results of bud development. thanx

  31. itchyundies says:

    hey sam maybe some vids on what different diffiences look like or what high ph will do or low ph vids on different bug attacks look like etc

  32. trimmin420 says:

    whats up man grats on all the success, i would like to know are all the plants i see in this video that are budding, are they autoflowers ??? or just stunted regular plants . also i would like to see a few videos on your daily routine in your garden. thanks and keep up the good owrk

  33. pjk1234567890 says:

    close up of buds

  34. itchyundies says:

    @ddavid993 get some garlic capsicum and onion finely dice and boil in 4 litres of water spray over plants once cooled use within 3 days and re apply after rain , or you can use sliced cucumbers in empty sardine tins aluminum and cucumber creates a scene bugs no like at all

  35. SMIXR93 says:

    can u send me two pots and a bag of soil ….

  36. 69bluecheese says:

    DO you grow any blue cheese or blueberry with fat fat buds

  37. MrPaka420 says:

    Congrats on your mil! very cool

  38. orelament says:

    hay you should show every one what soil,nutrience and plant food you use also do you use plant boosters like super thrive

  39. MrSterlinghayden says:

    @ddavid993 CATERPILLERS I know come from the moths eggs so I always use either Einstien oil or a simular product during the Veg…I have spider mites also and that is my fix…thought I would say something…PEACE

  40. shigiti2 says:

    @SAMMCCONNELL Thank you, I look forward to it!

  41. itchyundies says:

    @yorkshirerepresenter put moth balls around base but remove when watering then put back

  42. 07potgrabber says:

    @firsttim3hi drop them into a black film container for 2 days, they should open

  43. TheUnknownGrower says:


  44. BreakfastBentoBox says:

    Dude, let’s see you transplanting/from pot to soil. Show a nice move from pots to soil outdoors without damaging the roots, and how you help protect them from shock and stress.

  45. socalhippie420 says:

    nice bro keep up the good work bro!!

  46. Ronniecrf450 says:

    @SF10DANK I second this. I’m in the central vally in cali an About to start my first outdoor garden an a small indoor. I’m trying to learn all I can as fast as I can hahaha

  47. MrSterlinghayden says:

    @MrSterlinghayden The products that I use take care of the spider mites Einstein Oil or AzaMax every 5 to 10 days. Their as so many products to choose from so you have a choice. Myself…I stop about a week or two into flower. I have one video up that covers this and a few other items. Tobacco is used as insecticide, works great to. 1 bag of Beach Nut simmer in water for maybe 30 minutes press and strain leaves. Start with low ratios 1 to 2 Ttbls a gallon stronger if for ground prep.

  48. skate4theherb says:

    i would like to know more about the soil mix’s you use…how you deal with pest control on your outdoor garden’s..have you used strain that are Thai?

  49. ryanrose33 says:

    Do a video on purple plants PlZ

  50. 07potgrabber says:

    @firsttim3hi try dropping them into water in the dark like a film container , etc… for 2 days then plant 1/4″ under wet soil and light or sun