MAIL BAG Marijuana harvest videos & Flushing plants

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September 4, 2011
Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow 2011
September 5, 2011

MAIL BAG Marijuana harvest videos & Flushing plants This video covers how and when to flush your plants outdoor & my harvest videos to come soon


  1. Mr420Phil says:

    Good shit man, I love to see the techniques of others

  2. bluemoonhigh says:

    Wow Sam UR giving away all ur secrets. Thanks for the Vids and the great info

  3. MrVincegibson says:

    lookin forward to the vids..

  4. deanhovind says:

    ur fuckin tite man

  5. CronjaAficionado says:

    Great vid. Stoked to watch the other two mail bag vids. Can’t wait to see your harvest vids. There is allot of material on growing on youtube, but not much on the processing side of it all. I respect that your going to be busy during that season, and I’m stoked to check out what you put up. Keep up the good work, its always nice to have something new to watch every day.

  6. coreybigpimpin1 says:

    Good video.

  7. ktrain420247 says:

    Love vids sir

  8. socbutter says:

    You brought a smile to me. Thanks look forward to your instruction, SENSEI!

  9. CentralCoastSativa says:

    let me borrow your harvest team, yo..

  10. ftpb1 says:

    lookin fwd to thw vids

  11. jrdavair says:

    You need a fuckin show!! Your awesome!

  12. stupidstonerdood says:

    love the show keep it up dude

  13. PeacefullQ says:


  14. HempenSeed says:

    wow this will b a great series of vids thanks alot for doin this

  15. igorealhard1 says:

    5 thumbs up

  16. BLADESKATER00 says:

    You speak about flushing to eliminate chemicals–but what about what you are spraying on your buds and leaves?

  17. nateANDdavid420 says:

    Love yours and your childrens channel. Glad to see you have a healthy, happy family. Anyways this is my first year of growing and so far you have been such great help so far. Thank you.
    –Stay positive.

  18. sjsneakerfiend408 says:

    Thanks sam