LCS Night 2 Gardening Under Supermoon Light


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LCS Night 2 Gardening Under Supermoon LightWelcome to the “Lone Clone Series” a interactive daily grow journal, completely controlled by my OGs. We will have one strain grown outdoors under beautiful socal sunshine, and we will have…

50 comments on “LCS Night 2 Gardening Under Supermoon Light

  1. Trichome Juice on

    If you go no nutes then the end product would just end up bad and nobody
    wants a bad product. Instead, go super minimal to show what can be grown
    with cheap and easy to use nutes. I would like to see what Gen hydro flora
    nova grow/bloom with a little blackstrap molasses at the end of bloom can
    do. Oh and fim the indoor and top the outdoor

  2. pimpinassassin323 on

    Super crop the yoda and give it nutrients for like the first few weeks and
    the gdp top it and give it nutrients as you usually do and low stress train
    her also 

  3. Cory Cotton on

    Also Like to top the Indoor Plant and FIM the Outdoor Plant… Also some
    SCROG vs Natural Grow( or some super cropping of sorts) That would be
    pretty killer if you ask me:)

  4. themop top on

    use sensi bloom a @ b on your yoda in your foxfire see if out performs the
    foxfarm, as the happy farm is not organic why go with a organic nute 

  5. Robert Charlton on

    Top the yoga og so you can create a massive outdoor bush with you having
    the extra room

    And top the GDP but only once or twice

    Use note on both

    And love the current content 

  6. Da Zeeman on

    Maybe a simple organic compost tea for one,over the counter organic nutes
    for the other.

  7. frankie44193 on

    Indoor coco organic.worm poo and shit. Outdoor dirt nutes.canna terra or
    some other nute


    dont top the outdoor plant..foxfarm is usally a hot mixture so u dont need
    to give that baby nutes anytime soon…indoor plant..super crop and a light

  9. Bubba Kush on

    Definitely like to see an opposite game! where as the outside plant is
    babied with lots of tlc “nutes, topping, LST, etc.. and the inside plant
    grown all natural, well as natural as growing indoors is. It will kind of
    show a complete 360 of growing indoors vs outdoors .. well at least in my
    opinion. Much love to all the G420G follwers as well as the legend himself.
    Also a quick shout out to Jipse.. blaze on -_- “chinky eyed” as always

  10. daTenshi on

    I would love to see some organic nutrients and natural alternatives,
    specially to the girl in plain dirt. :)

  11. RydATube on

    Do you have access to stinging nettle liquid manure? Its free and i heard
    its good. 2 weeks stining nettles with water in a bucket. And it should be
    ready to be used as fertilizer.

  12. George Lopez on

    supercrop GDP and give nutes top yoda og but no nutes. maybe do a third
    yoda the same way but with nutes and the same with GDP

  13. Samuel Salazar on

    Whats going on G420G like the ideas man!! I gotta say it would be
    interesting to see gdp strain with no nutrients since its indoors. An today
    og with nutrients! Cant wait to see how things come out! 

  14. Rob Carpinelli on

    You should plant another one of your clones in the soilless medium and grow
    it with the rest of the clones you do in the tent. No need for a special
    part for it but would just be interested to see how it turns out.

  15. danthe growman on

    Nutes in both but 1/3 less in the soil with more clay it in plus less
    watering with the outdoor soil. With the foxfarm it all depends on how much
    light it does get. How much direct light will the yoda get? That’s what i
    wanna know before i can make a decision on the nute supplement . Thanks G

  16. HellFireVideo on

    Lollipop the outdoor and fem top the indoor and for nutrients organic for
    indoor and something more aggressive for the outdoor, cheers OG’s!!

  17. Randy Loughran on

    Super crop and fim the GDP being a more indica strain I would like to see
    the yield with those techniques. And give it nutes cause the soil doesn’t
    have anything in it. don’t give nutes to the yoda and don’t top it at all
    see if you can get one big cola.

  18. Cory Cotton on

    I would like the Outdoor with half nutrients Indoor with Full
    Nutrients….. That should be pretty cool! 

  19. mrfreeman1229 on

    Here is my input. I’d like to see a plant getting topped 3-4 times. I
    always like my plants that to 3 times producing 8 tops makes for a great
    end spread. 

  20. BMXridr20 on

    if you plant the outdoor plat in ground id like to see you do a nutrient
    free run. if you pot them both in soil id feed them nutes. id really like
    to see the out door plant in ground w/out nutrients!

  21. ivanmitchell34 on

    No nutes and super crop GDP…. Nutes and top Yoda!!!!

    Cheers from Florida!!! Much respect og… Can’t wait for Florida to pass
    prop 215

  22. TG SoRa on

    Love to see the GDP with nutes an the yoda without. super the GDP an FIM
    the yoda! an for nutes would love to see how you grow with Medi-One instead
    of FF if possible. Keep it up homie! 

  23. John Gum on

    Top both plants 3 times lst both plants. Use only fox farm big bloom
    nutrient all the way through to harvest.

  24. Alex Cisneros on

    GROW420G I want to see you use the TERPINATOR for one of the plants indoor
    or out or both might be sick to see a difference but take it into
    consideration I think it would be great for everyone.

  25. mattgreathouse on

    I think itd be great if you did one completely organic and the with only
    synthetic nutes to see the overall growth differences, yields amounts,
    taste, and potency. 

  26. BloodshotGrave on

    I don’t know much about growing at all, but I would like to see if the GDP
    could be grown inside without any nutrients, and the the Yoda
    with nutrients. Also I have a question. If you grow a plant
    without nutrients will it effect how potent the buds will be in the long

  27. CaliGrow Kid on

    Tie the GDP down about 90°…let’s get a superbush going… no nutes on the
    GDP… i would like to suggest if you do indoors with one, a glass lantern
    routine (GLR).. Basically its a 12 hour veg cycle. With 1 hour of
    interrupting light to keep them from flowering… 12 on 5.5 off 1on 5.5 off
    repeat. I just read about it today and was curious as to how effective it
    could be… seems sketchy to me.. I don’t have the space to run experiments
    so it’d be cool to see how it works and bring quality first hand
    information to our cannabis community

  28. thomas ortiz on

    i would only put nutes in the gpd if it starts to show deficiencies …
    super crop on yoda since it will be outdoor. 

  29. xXAlexBulletKillXx on

    I wanna see LST on the GDP and you should let the yoda just do it’s thing.
    Thanks for the video as always! Till next time.

  30. B Rich on

    It would be interesting to see both get the “no touch” treatment. No
    training and no nutes, just water.

  31. puffintheherble on

    Keep it all natural, no nutrients. You started the LSP to see if ppl could
    grow at home with the bare minimals. Would be good to see that here but
    with just the comparison of natural light Vs electtic light. Gona be
    interesting to see the outcome

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