LCS Day 15 Medicated Monday Special SP


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LCS Day 15 Medicated Monday Special SPWelcome to the “Lone Clone Series” a interactive daily grow journal, completely controlled by my OGs. Sit back, relax and enjoy day 15 of the Lone Clone Series. Leave your comments and suggestions!…

22 comments on “LCS Day 15 Medicated Monday Special SP

  1. Bubba Kush on

    Ahhh… That looks like the famous LSP desk lamp! Glad to see it’s reprisal
    in the LCS…lol Let me just hit this oh so yummy OG Kush; toke… cough
    cough… ok -_- So to the question… I’d have to agree with Jipse on this,
    definitely give her a breather to bush out and gain some stem mass before
    going into beast mode on the LST training. Good move on more light with the
    Yoda, hopefully we’ll see more growth soon. Well that’s my time G420G. As
    always stay chinky! -_-

  2. Justin Brookes on

    Sick rock slides and that rope swing was gnarly! I think you should wait a
    few days on the LST just to let’s everything even out. But then again the
    soon you tie down the bigger she’ll be haha Can’t wait to see them
    buds!!!!! Stay stony OG

  3. TG SoRa on

    I would like to see an even canopy. And with the GDP i worry about the
    roots having a hard time in the clay. Keep it op OG Peace n pot! 

  4. Shealyn Nastally on

    Hey there!

    I think it would be best to let the GDP bush out a bit more before going
    wild with her training. I think the extra light will help the Yoda out
    too, keeping my fingers crossed that she get a little bit of a move on now

    Also, I loved that little oasis area you three went to. The music from
    that portion of the video fit really well, and I rather enjoyed it. It
    looks like you guys had a nice time. 🙂

    Until next time, stay stoney!

  5. martin borrego on

    i cant even remember when you would hide your face now the vids are much
    better thanks for exposing your self 

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