Huge Marijuana Plants Outdoor Grow 2012

Marijuana outdoor 2012 grow update 6
September 6, 2012
How To Grow Medical Marijuana DVD series.
September 7, 2012

Huge Marijuana Plants Outdoor Grow 2012Oregon Medical Marijuana Program 48 Plants In 200 Gallon Smart Pots Featuring Fox Farm Ocean Forrest Soil. outdoor 2012


  1. Bret1Maverick says:

    aother outdoor garden ! hell yeah. Nice editing too! your kicking ass on here! you need more subbs.

  2. TheGreenCure420 says:

    Agreed on the cages, those some big bitches…

  3. John Does says:

    I try to tell people if you are going to use pots then the bigger the pot the bigger the plant, it’s the same as when you put it in ground the bigger the hole you dig and put in prepared soil the bigger the plant. Nice garden….

  4. 81Kush says:

    huge for this time of year man wow very nice

  5. MalevolentClown says:

    That beat knocks hard as fuck! Awesome outdoor as well.

  6. x4aperfecttool says:

    Does*, And yes a bear shits in the woods. Sexy ladies btw.

  7. Mr420Phil says:

    Awesome video man, great work

  8. Lummmix says:

    Thanks man yea its gonna be no fun last year we had so much and no space that we were trimming in the rain

  9. MalevolentClown says:

    Name and artist of the song?

  10. Weebow Taylor says:

    nice plants

  11. OGbudderbrains says:

    thats was up homie, bossin hard, good shit my dude

  12. Bubbo Dread says:

    huge as hell lol

  13. Lummmix says:

    Complete Control~Datsik

  14. Rasta O.G. says:

    Nice looking plants bro! Hope you got a trim pro

  15. FoundationsofPause says:

    those plants are so big they could take on a bear

  16. gja3788 says:

    your about to get a easy 100 ps

  17. Lummmix says:

    Dose a bear Shit in the Woods?

  18. jggm2011 says:


  19. goodweedb215 says:


  20. careersoldier16 says:

    or hes a baller who pays trimmer!

  21. mapito grow says:

    Cool video, and nice outdoor!

  22. growinforrelief says:

    Your garden sir looks like it could be the 8th Wonder of the World, nice work! I must say, you sir are now my hero….though I don’t envy you when it comes time to harvest and process all of that ;). I thought my garden was gonna take a lot of work but that video makes my back ache…Keep it green brother!

  23. NotofThisworld333 says:

    :+) :+) :+)

  24. MegaPnutty says:

    great plants

  25. JOLLYGREEN215 says:

    Great job dude, those look like monsters

  26. rogueraiser says:

    or stomachs

  27. intenzity14 says:

    Replay… Well worth it. Nice editing as well.

  28. 420diehardstoner says:

    how many months into veg are they?

  29. laqjr says:


  30. rogueraiser says:

    after harvest you can probably build a small shed from the stocks

  31. PTUKCC says:

    PHAT !

  32. growindoors says:

    578 plants this size?! shit.

  33. seeyo bollz says:

    Those plants r fat wat r u feeding and do u top to get that bushy I plan on getten the same pots and do u plan on covering ur garden when it rains

  34. InfiniteMischief says:

    paint the outside of the pot white, black absorbs heat and even if you can lower root temp a few degrees you’ll get better weight. those laser temperature guns work great on the dirt…

  35. TheDailyBaker says:

    Ok cool, I mean it has been 6 weeks, was anticipating seeing an update or 2 along the way before harvest time, though I suppose you could be waiting to upload at the end of the grow, I dunno. Looking fwd to the progress, and to see what 200g of foxfarm can do! Hopefully uo can show us the root mass on one of these bitches at the end.

  36. tinchiandrea says:

    Per chi sofre di mal di testa e miracolosa.

  37. martin99924 says:

    Every one needs to get baked and watch this! Ha ha ha

  38. John Doe says:

    smokers thinking dubsteps cool….i hate dubstep sounds like dung.

  39. miketak2007 says:

    Run For Cover!!…..THE SKY IS FALLING!!!

  40. TheDailyBaker says:

    Are we going to see an update here?

  41. yungbrownbrother says:

    ey man like your grow i just went holes big big holes this year short on funds i wanted grow bags but fckk it your plants loook very nice… you havent had any problems with locust or grasshoppers have you?? what nutes are you using ? ill post my vids up at the end of the season were using dutchmaster gold a and b with all the additives silica zone add.27 get back at me datsikk lol dope music zeds deads dope aswell!

  42. 81Kush says:

    i realy hope you crop every last single bud of that safely and everything works out great forya my man straight up thats big for an oregon grow and i hope they dont fuck with ya

  43. DumpinMyGun says:

    How the FUCK do you get away with this?  Aren’t there helicopters flying around?

  44. TheGreenCure420 says:

    into peoples lungs

  45. igorealhard1 says:

    wtf..i was in a zone watching this vid..had ta snap outta dat shit..u a beast

  46. MMJ420Gardener says:

    Swagggg~!… Good Luck when it comes to trimming all that!

  47. Professorgreenthumb says:

    what are you going to do when the rain comes?

  48. toni24michele says:

    In my lungs.

  49. richiericheg6 says:

    shoulda caged em up. wind+rain = all bad.