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metalscreamer1969 asked:

i brew beer & wine! i already grow my own grapes & some fruit to make my wine! i wish to grow my own hops for beer ( i have a large outdoor garden & an indoor one in the winter ) anyway ,where can i get hop seeds or clones? can i plant them in my summer plot? can i grow a few indoors in the winter? hops are a relative of marijuana & god knows i ” have been there & done that in the early 80’s LOL! anyway, i am sick of paying high prices for hops & gas & everything else for that matter! i am a working man i pay child support & way 2 much taxes! & if you like to drink good ale you might well be ready to spend 8-10 bucks a 6-pack!anyway i am venting! any input about the hop growing would be great! remember like “HANK WILLIAMS J.R. sings COUNTRY BOYS CAN SURVIVE!!!! ” WE CAN GROW OUR OWN SMOKE & OUR OWN WHISKEY TOO! AINT TOO MUCH THESE OLD BOYS CANT DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. ylangylangylang on

    Long live the Victory Garden! I will NOT pay for what I CAN grow. Reduce food (and beer) miles. Home beer is kinda like some other thing I think you know what I mean when I say the worst I ever had WAS GOOD!

    Just like your ol’ gal Mary Jane, only female hop plants produce cones and if male plants are lurking about, the cones become seeded. Most brewers prefer seedless hops. Wherever you get rhizomes, be sure they are female.

    You can’t get the rhizomes until next spring, but this company sells LOTS of varieties.

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