GSI Java Press – SuRRvival Gear with Richard Ryan

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March 26, 2013
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March 26, 2013

GSI Java Press - SuRRvival Gear with Richard RyanEnjoy a cup of coffee when you’re camping miles away from the nearest Starbucks. Richard shows you how to use the GSI Java Press, a great tool for brewing co…


  1. tiger lee says:

    I poop in is a little bit then drink it

  2. Julie AV says:

    Take a shatter proof container of freeze dried coffee. One less thing to carry. Leave the press at home (or at Walmart).

  3. davidgailey12 says:

    Please destroy, shoot, blow up, torch, drop off a cliff. It doesn’t matter. Just destroy.

  4. boogeymanoneoneone says:

    i use the coffee single pack like a tea bag, blow that POS up .

  5. Ian Thompson says:

    destroy it!

  6. jam35ism says:

    percolator FTW

  7. MrSquadtruck says:

    hopefully he plans on shooting that damn thing

  8. skinheadmack says:

    Yeah, I won’t.

  9. Daniel Hickey says:

    I really want that french press

  10. Felipe Queirolo says:

    give it away of course!

  11. architecturaldefect says:


  12. MrDrewff says:

    destroy it then give it away and coffee taste like old beens

  13. KylieManur3 says:

    Coffee is overrated. Send that thing to the afterlife.

  14. solesearched says:

    Give it away!

  15. Cutlerylover4life1 says:

    Don’t drink coffee when you’re dehydrated…its a diarrhetic

  16. ratedrr says:

    Caffeine is definitely not your friend when dehydrated

  17. deathnut says:

    I use a percolator and for the press tannerite

  18. ratedrr says:

    Haha! He’s a coffee snob! I can’t even drink sodas. I’ve got a major issue with getting dehydrated. Caffeine is definitely something you want when dehydrated.

  19. ballyoulsterboy says:

    Did he like it?

  20. Herve Shango says:

    sorry why is this dude doing this and i know its fun to learn how to survives and all but i just wonder what is the reason and purpose of this.

  21. Michael Tanri says:

    destroy it by throwing it over a mountain, 🙂 then give it away as a one of a kind special edition giveaway.

  22. Jimmy Nguyen says:

    Single serve Vietnamese coffee filter/”press”. Simple, easy for a single cup, rinse to wash.

  23. LoneWolfUSMC says:

    The pain is that glass even in a relatively sedate camping mode will get busted. We broke a french press sitting in a Camper. Jet Boil has a french press setup that I want to try for camping/winter rifle matches. It is pretty self contained and is a metal carafe. Since the press stores inside it doesn’t take up any more room than the regular stove/container.

  24. trout99bum says:

    A press is on my shtf survival supply list. I just need to add a manual coffee grinder to my suplies. Give it away!

  25. 960aziz says:

    I like this guy, he actually put some effort is his videos!

  26. garfish502 says:

    I use a french press myself…great way to do a single mug. But blow the shit out of it anyway.

  27. Homero Rodriguez says:

    Give it away.

  28. Justin Payne says:

    Nice video

  29. Albert Altman says:

    give it away! I live in Sweden and this is the standard here for making coffee.

  30. CresentMoon18 says:

    I say you use that survival gear in real survival situations like that grill in the last episode to cook up an animal you caught like a snake or a fish. Because the way I see it, its not survival just camping and having fun outside.

  31. ianig9 says:

    Give it away. It looks handy.

  32. nathanatramp says:

    I’m an American expat and I just had a huge BURST of cognitive dissonance. ‘Cause I was thinking, “WTF? This isn’t survival gear. This is how we make coffee every day! There’s a press like this on every kitchen table.” Then I realize that most Americans probably use electric drip machines.

  33. Max Payne says:

    Destroy it and then give it away

  34. pearlman21 says:

    your a trip!

  35. Solomon Watts says:

    Give it away! I’m an espresso guy, myself; but it looks awesome!

  36. jeff fan says:

    Give it

  37. TRAPSTAR DirtyDooDah says:

    Did you even watch the whole video?
    “Obviously if you’re out in the middle of nowhere and you’re wanting to stay hydrated, caffeine is not the best way to go. You want do drink as much water as possible.” He just doesn’t expect there to be such stupid people out there to take his jokes so seriously. Lol.. You should relax a little.

  38. 1994jonnyh says:

    Destroy it!

  39. Paul Lowe says:

    give it away

  40. dadajack yo says:

    Destroy everything… Unless you think you might need it later.

  41. Eddie Li says:

    ummm… instant coffee?

  42. pearlman21 says:

    would this be for wrol or just a “disney” prepp, or maybe the “elitest” prep….?

  43. zzzmd2be says:

    I love French press coffee. Don’t destroy it; out in the wilderness we need to conserve resources. Save that bullet or dynamite for a

  44. Mraclaws says:

    give it away

  45. GrimReeper says:

    “Any evidence that caffeine promotes the loss of water from the body has been greatly overplayed in recent years. If you are already dehydrated and consume heavily caffeinated drinks, then there might be a very mild risk of it getting worse. But generally it makes no difference if people drink coffee, tea, cola or water.”
    – Ron Maughan, Professor of human physiology, University of Aberdeen Medical School

  46. wantobemountainman says:

    I would really like that French press.

  47. LoneWolfUSMC says:

    This is pretty much exactly how I make my morning coffee at home or camping. The only exception is I grind the beans first. For backpacking, cowboy up and just dump the ground coffee into a canteen cup of boiled water and let it sit for a few minutes. Grounds don’t matter. You can chew em up.

  48. KageGames says:

    Id say give it away wouldnt be as fun as the stove to shoot. Im not a big coffee person Ill stick with my mountain dew for caffine and water for everything else. (plus sweet tea and milk)

  49. ratedrr says:

    Not much of a coffee drinker myself. This was the first time I’ve tried the apparatus. Worked really well. I guess it’s kinda hard to screw up the manufacturing process unless the grinds get through the press

  50. QuebecoisSti says:

    what a bad idea… Coffee dehydrate the body like the beer does. So you will need more water to rehydrate…

    so drink coffee is the worst thing to do in a SHTF scenario…