grow Marijuana Tips?

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outdoor marijuana
Leppy asked:

for outdoor growth how do you avoid bugs, And any other tips you have post them for me, its for my buddy whose really into growing

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  1. mojitosmellie on

    You know there are ways for goverment agencies to track information like this posted on the web back to say I dont know an IP address

  2. Dogcat on

    Like real estate, the only three things you gotta remember is
    Discretion Discretion Discretion!
    Be safe and thoughtful~
    The DogCat

  3. Tia on

    Tell your friend to sprinkle his plants lightly with Sevin dust. This should only be necessary once or twice during the growing season. Do NOT use this near the end of the season, after buds have appeared. After a rain or on dewy plants is a good time for application of the dust. It sticks on the plant better. This product kills many types of insects that will cut and eat on your babies.

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