Greenthumb girls medical marijuana grow update


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Greenthumb girls medical marijuana grow  updateOutdoor Medical marijuana grow.

9 comments on “Greenthumb girls medical marijuana grow update

  1. Max Powers on

    Sometimes while watching your vids i catch my jaw actually dropping, I
    can’t wait until these ladies are in full beast mode.

  2. Budman Barreira on

    Everything is looking KICK ASS as always. You impress me so much every
    year. I love it. You do such a wonderful job and I just want to let you
    know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There realy needs to be
    more people like you out there. I am so greatful for you and I love ya sis.

  3. kickingharold1 on

    my cheesebomb when i stress it it throws out a bunch of single blade
    leaves. its pretty bizzare


    Looks like your a bit ahead from your 2013 looking really good. Keep the
    good work up. Keep us you tubers in loop lol

  5. Joshua Singleton on

    I like what you are doing. Keep it up. You have a awesome set up. You
    should look into better structure of your plants. More topping early,
    bending beaches, and tieing them down. If you have a flat even canopy and
    more light penetration you will have more fruit. Also with better structure
    you won’t have the damage. 

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