fighting the wind Scooter Vlog

Death Rides a Pale Scooter?
April 6, 2015
★ Double DAB Strike Out! ★
April 6, 2015

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  1. Ytrap says:

    Bring a Traveler bong on the next scooter vlog! :)

  2. TrogdorMan says:

    OMG WAY BETTER SOUND . . . Sound.

  3. richard moldovan says:

    Yo man do a video back at your house man like tell some stories. And shit

  4. steve foster says:

    is pot legal where u live bro

  5. trini gutierrez says:

    i was so close to be the first comment ahah but i like your video’s keep it
    up and by the way do a shout out on your next video to trini gutierrez

  6. Luke Triplett says:

    YO YO SOUND .Love you sound brother keep it up my friend

  7. CustomGrow420 says:

    2:34 real ass soundrone!

  8. MattSugar says:

    hell yeah nice video sound. enjoyed this one. #soundrone420giveaway 

  9. Sound Experiments says:
  10. kelley davis says:

    Love your vids bro!

  11. -Epileptic Stoner Community- says:

    I was fighting the wind the other day lol xD was out chillin by the creek
    with a bowl

  12. Duke Madden says:

    Side note… I asked around and watched some videos and they’re saying its
    pronounced ro-sin like rose or row row row your boat!!!

  13. btlmofos says:

    you tha man sound keep up with the SCOOTER vlogs

  14. Duke Madden says:

    Love it sound drone man!!! You are my weed god idol!!! Just started
    watching 2 months ago and I’ve already caught up on your videos on both
    channels..keep it up!!! Would love to do some rippers Skype session with
    ya!!! By the way I tried the rosin technique and had lovely results!!