EcoSmart Pest Spray for Outdoor Grows


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EcoSmart Pest Spray for Outdoor GrowsWelcome to Season 4! New Products, New Facility & So Much More! LED lights & Grow Tents: Coupon code: G420G OverGrowSociety merchandise available…

18 comments on “EcoSmart Pest Spray for Outdoor Grows

  1. tazydevil93 on

    bro u have pepppermint, chilli and rosemary.. WHY NOT PRODUCE YOUR OWN
    POWERFUL ORGANIC BUG SPRAY ps u didnt hav to spray it on the caterpiller u
    could have just sprayed it on the plants as a preventative damit the lil
    fela was just tryna find some food lol :p

  2. NinjaViking1337 on

    I know you might have been sponsored by ecosmart spray, so you are doing
    this vid, but imo theres a good way for organic pest control.

    You can make your own little solution, with water, hot peppers, garlic, and
    a bit of organic soap. Works like A CHARM

  3. TjrA homemadegrowbox on

    All bro I know exactly what you talking about I brought a plant I’m outside
    to inside with other planets I started noticing buds fallen on the floor I
    didn’t know what was going on so 1 day I just kept staring at the plants I
    noticed something was moving I say I had more than 10 of them a lot of
    babies those are the hardest to find

  4. xxra1derfanxx on

    yo g420g is that spray OMRI tested??it says organic but i didnt see that
    little omri stamp on it

  5. walter escobar on

    Death to all bugs especially caterpillars. This is my first year doing
    outdoor and I was wondering if azamax by itself will get me through the
    whole year I spray every week as a preventative. Do I need something just
    for caterpillars get at me

  6. mrfreeman1229 on

    Next time just move a single pest. Your supposed to learn to live with
    nature not kill nature when it moves into your space

  7. StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) on

    I’m having pest problems right now also.. Every day ill check on my plant
    and another leaf will be chewed off! So i’m thinking about using some neem

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