1 Year Old Marijuana Plant (Jack Herer)

Oliver’s Twisted Bargain Basement Midight Movie Stoner Friendly Freak Show EPISODE FOUR
October 30, 2014
trees – Thu Oct 30 19:55:50 EDT 2014
October 31, 2014

Welcome to Season 5! This Jack Herer plant holds a special place in my heart, it has been with me now for about a year and a half. I will be harvesting it, and ReVegging it for a 3rd generation!…


  1. Johnny Appleseed says:

    I wonder how the cannabinoids have changed over time? Maybe tons of CBD’s?
    Could this method replace CBD strains entirely? you should get it tested!

  2. OGBobby Pa says:

    G, round 3 ? Lmfao. That is a sign of a “Profectionist!” I can’t wait to
    see her again! And G if you don’t do any episodes of her Please give me
    that Glimpse of her here and there. Just so I can smile and say “was that
    her” or “There she is” thanks G


  3. Vincent Castillo says:


  4. Psunfire says:

    Such awesome quality. ^.^ 

  5. Aaron Silva says:

    Amazing video and its so gentle. Love what your doing here man! I want you
    to know, whenever you feel like its just too tedious, so many people wish
    they could grow, have the opportunity you do so cherish it brotha! Much

  6. That Guy says:

    duct tape? really guys? You realize the chemicals from the adhesive are
    transferring into your plant right?

  7. rob frost says:

    awesome video man

  8. Fraser Williams says:

    Dude I’m loving the cinematics!

  9. gaanja buds says:

    If you are trying to grow a double digit plant u should learn from Jorge
    Cervantes YouTube channel

  10. frightful weevil says:

    U going to harvest it 

  11. Colorado finest says:

    My hats off to you on this video. Outstanding pic flip

  12. Terra Flower says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  13. taylor stephens says:

    that was a really cool vid

  14. kingfatty says:

    super cool movie my man !! keepem comm

  15. relientker says:

    your cinematography has gotten so good! awesome to see you expanding your
    skills g420g

  16. Ljae Dee says:

    That was pretty clean

  17. Trichome Juice says:

    wtf….crazy man! 

  18. OGBobby Pa says:

    Beautiful G!! Thank you very much for showing her to us! I asked a couple
    weeks ago and here she is. She caught my eye so many times in your last
    series. It was like the beautiful woman you see from across the room that
    smiles at you but you just can’t work up the nerve to go say hi, then you
    catch a glimpse of her again here and there but you just can not see her to
    well. And now there she is, so beautiful and such a wonderful structure and
    the smell that you will never forget but you don’t even want to speak and
    you just listen to the music but don’t say a word. She is a beauty G,
    that’s my kind of Girl.


  19. xPowerofwillx says:

    Love the edit! super dope

  20. Ilikesmokingpot12386 says:

    I can’t wait to see you grow in a 100 gallon pot I’m gonna be growing along
    with you: D growing tomatoes is my cover up for the soil I’m gonna be
    buying I loves me some homegrown tomatoes 

  21. BadBrainPrepp says:

    It looks like the Tree of Life lol

  22. DanielUKgreengrower 91 says:

    Nice mate love it

  23. Adam M. says:

    Sweet! anotha vid in time to smoke

  24. Jeremy b says:

    5th :D

  25. Shajtan Shaman says:

    very nice, man!

  26. jonatiino says:

    lol the dog at the end 2:08 “Tip toeing in my Jordans!”