Why Did My Broccoli Bolt ? and other Gardening Questions Answered

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July 18, 2012
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July 18, 2012

Why Did My Broccoli Bolt ? and other Gardening Questions AnsweredJohn from answers views questions regarding organic gardening. In this episode he will answer the following questions: 1. What are you thoughts on medicinal marijuana and would you visit a farm growing it to shoot an episode? 2. What should I plant in my area in the summer heat? 3. Why did all my broccoli bolt and should I pull it and grow something else? 4. Do you have any experience with edible cactus plants?


  1. Jack Walsh says:

    Hey, John. I’ve watched maybe a hundred of your videos and enjoy them for both entertainment and education; indeed, most of what I know about juicing and what ot juice came from you. So thank you. My questions stems fro this video which confused me as to where you live. I thought you lived in Sana Rosa, but in this video you implied you lived in Vegas. If you don’t mind revealing your home state, could you clarify which one? Thanks.


  2. AeroMECH808 says:

    @nolessthanill those beads on the plants are called scales they brought by ants.

  3. Cinquecento Nero says:

    Hey John , Thanks for answering my question…. I am saving a couple of Broccoli plants for seed and in place I am planting pole beans and pumpkins….. Can’t wait to see more vids .Thanks for your inspiration now my 5 year old daughter loves to help dad pick the red Tomatoes and Cucumbers.

  4. 10002938 says:

    you should definitely visit a grow op! that would be awesome!

  5. woodturningjohn says:

    I like to let some of my basil bolt, then I use the flowering tops to infuse oil. Make a great salad dressing.

  6. Nilguiri says:

    Hi John
    Maybe you could explain a bit about the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K) numbers for fertilizers & if you need to change the mix when the plant is producing fruit, etc.
    I’ve been using an organic 4-6-10 on my tomatoes and peppers. The tomatoes plants are tall but they’re not producing too much fruit. Peppers seem fine.
    I’m in Madrid, Spain, so the weather is the same as Las Vegas, although they only get about 4 hours of direct sun a day, which probably explains everything.

  7. AnnNoire says:

    Legalize it!

  8. DreamWizard9 says:

    John, you are a true inspiration! Thank you

  9. italianbc says:

    You The Man John…

  10. iEatYourSox says:

    I live in so cal, so our weather is probably similar. Look at the temp, some varieties dislike heat, while others love it. I know that for me peppers are harder to grow due to the coastal cool winds, while tomatoes do wonderful here. also consider too much nitrogen, as this may induce a lot of foliage, but little or no fruiting.

  11. iEatYourSox says:

    look it up online or ask someone at the store

  12. vegasOasis says:

    I’m an addiction medicine physician. I have NEVER needed to treat a patient for cannabis addiction. 80% of my practice is prescription meds. The other 20% is alcohol and “illegal” drugs. Occasionally I have a patient come in for “marijuana addiction”. They come to me because their parents/spouse are worried because it’s “illegal”. I usually end up writing them a prescription for medical marijuana. It’s one of the safest drugs I prescribe.

  13. lmcdowall says:

    John do you grow San Pedro cactus?

  14. mantis777A says:

    John, Do you have any moringa tree in your garden?

  15. Luci57flavors says:

    Always good info.

  16. anothaview says:

    Legal or not, it shouldn’t stop you from growing cannabis/ hemp. It will find its way to produce and survive whether you like it or not. We and the animals are the harvester such as birds contiue to pick seeds and plant them elsewhere. Stopping nature is stopping God or the ways of life. Laws are for human acitn inhumane.

  17. incognrod says:

    Dragonfruit is an excellent food crop cactus. Hylocereus !! Myrtilocactus is another cactus that is a good food crop for its berries. Great info John.

  18. wisdomtrek says:

    I don’t know why your Broccoli bolted, were you being abusive towards it?

  19. mellowtones420 says:

    Cool … I work at a private owned nursery in my town and I love it …. My whole backyard is filled with veggies fruit trees including my pine apple guavas…. Ahhhh yea

  20. juswatchinintosa says:

    Ahhh…. medicinal marijuana is just a fancy word that allows liberals to still vote for Democrats rather than understand that only the Libertarian Party is the only true ‘free party’ for gardeners and growers… Wake up slaves…

  21. vegasOasis says:

    ‘medical’ marijuana is legal in Las Vegas

  22. juswatchinintosa says:

    Thanks to our friends at Meriam-Webster:
    Definition of SLAVE
    1: a person held in servitude as the chattel of another
    2: one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence

    I might suggest a review of such a resource to help further your education.

    Oh, and Detroit and Oakland are both Democrat Party controlled – so what are you saying? I never said they were ‘warzones’.  Oakland unemployment rate 13.7% Detroit 17.7% Awesome….

  23. skelitalmisfit12 says:

    have you been partnered? if not you should sooo much! you are the best garden information channel in existence <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. dpla5762 says:

    John help. I have japanese beetles eating my bean plants. I sprayed them with neem oil today. I went back out there 1 hour later and they were covered with beetles again. I thought this stuff was supposed to keep them away but it did nothing. I need a solution quick.

  25. lmcdowall says:

    Anarchy. End the state!

  26. irehs2007 says:

    John you look very .. Don’t forget to take time out for yourself to smell the greens.. Rest my friend…

  27. shoreals says:

    What did Sylvia Browne have to say?

  28. ZephZhang says:

    Your broccoli bolted because you scared it when you told it that it was soon to be lunch.

  29. YouDirtyMutha says:

    Love the Q&A.

  30. dannosimonelli says:

    Hey John,

    More great tips hey hey hey

  31. Louaner says:

    Are you talking about Ron Paul? HAHAHAHA!

  32. nolessthanill says:

    Grasshoppers are prolific this year. They took out half of the leaves in my garden, including half of my basil plants. Interesting to note they left the genovese and the lemon basil alone, but devoured the cinnamon, lime, and sweet basil up.

    have you had to battle grasshoppers? you have tips?
    Also, ants appear to be crawling all up and down my lemon cucumbers – do you know what they are doing with it? what are all these small beads that keep appearing on the leaves?

  33. NWGreenTeam says:

    Hello JOHN. I am curious, can you give a short feed back on why you moved from S.F. to L.V.?

  34. BFX9000 says:

    I like how you refers people with different political beliefs as “slave”. Trust me, for the fact that you are tossing out the term so causally, you probably has never seen what’s slavery. It’s like someone from Oakland, or Detroit referring their city as a “warzone”.