What is the difference between medicinal marijuana and “street” marijuana?

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September 12, 2010
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September 12, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Mae asked:

The difference between the kind prescribed by a doctor and the kind you buy from a dealer??
Actually I
Actually I should of asked, on a drug screening can you tell the difference between the two??


  1. tiare says:


  2. special_ed says:

    one is pure, prescribed, and covered by some insurance companies, the other may be laced with something special and is illegal

  3. boks says:

    street have weird additional ingredients to make it more addictive and have greater effects…
    medicinal is just plain old doobie.

  4. bigboss says:

    some dealers spray the weed with some kind of substance to make smell better so people think its good weed……..then people gonna say weed is killing people cuz of that when they could legalize it and get the natural weed and prevent deaths

  5. fuzzyglowcar says:

    Many of the above answers are incorrect and read like anti-drug propaganda. There is nothing extra added to “street” pot to make it more addictive. Growers do not “lace” pot with anything to make it stronger or smell different or anything like that. Why would anyone add something to actually costs more money than the pot, then sell it for the same cost as the pot? It does not make sense regarding the costs.

    There is nothing “different” aside from the fact that with a doctor’s recommendation you have some type of protection. The differences are based on strain and not whether something is “prescription” or not. The only difference is the piece of paper. Of course the medical dispensaries are much less likely to buy low-quality street-bud for patients so you are likely to find higher-quality strains once you have a prescription.

  6. SOMEONE! says:

    the street one is illegal adn laced probably
    the medical one is legal and pure
    plus $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. JoAnne H says:

    nothing differnt, except medical is assured to be just pure pot, where as you never know what u get from a dealer off the street, cost is also a factor. If yu have medical reasons, it canin some cases be covered by insurance I think

  8. MythGuyDK says:

    one is pure, prescribed, legal, and for medical reasons (usually for pain). The other is impure (used to get you hooked onto drugs) while it is safe I wouldn’t smoke too much as it has many other drugs that ARE dangerous.

  9. oldtimer says:

    Very simply put…IT’S SAFER. Don’t you know by now the reason that a street Marijuana user uses the term ‘This is some goodSHIT’?

  10. budlowsbro420 says:

    For testing reasons….NO DIFFERENCE….you test positive if it is there ….negative if it is not. It is funny how so many people are brain-washed into thinking that “street pot” is laced with “special additives that cause uncontrolled addiction” but that medical pot is “healthy ” and “safe” !!! HEYNOW…I got some “magic beans” for sale and a few really nice bridges also !!! Oh and BTW…Don’t travel to far …the world is flat and you WILL fall of the edge…And the moon IS made out of cheese!!! The tobacco company’s add ENDLESSLY CHANGING MIND-ALTERING CHEMICALS TO THERE PRODUCTS-legally…And then jack the prices up (they KNOW you will pay more for them-it’s the only way to satisfy your addiction ) cause they know they got you “HOOKED” !!!