What is the best soil i can use to grow medicinal marijuana/cannabis?

medicinal marijuana?
September 8, 2010
DEA Tennessee Drug Bust of COMPASSION CLUB
September 8, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
gary asked:

to achieve maximum potency


  1. kim says:

    You cant it is illegal, but hypnotically don’t use good composted soil has to be spent old soil. Cannabis is a weed (hence the name). Thrives on neglected,as any weed does

  2. Exec Pot head says:

    Ohhh my!! Kim does a funny impression of a moron.
    She said – hypnotically for hypothetically…and is a grows like a weed baloney tosser.
    The medical marijuana States that allow a patient to grow their own medicine have it right.

    Growing this plant depends on fine tuning for the local environment. I think maximum potency comes from the lights. Experiment and find what works well and drains well. I return to FoxFarm Ocean for my arid climate. Minimal nutrients in veg. There are better forums for growing questions. An Internet search on the question as you phrased it will result in several options. Happy Growing!