Smoking Hot: Meet One Of The World’s Leading Marijuana Activists

Episode 2: Priorities
March 10, 2015
Beverage Seeker
March 10, 2015

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  1. Revoe Lucion says:

    Wow, buttervoice!

  2. iLove CTFxC says:

    Can Marijuana kill you?

  3. Awakened Spirit says:

    She sounds like she is always high. If it is for medical purposes then why
    smoke it to get high.

  4. Haiduc Dracula says:

    Marijuana made her look ugly

  5. The Mr Baus says:

    I was gonna do something sensible but then I got high!

  6. Ayato Hayate says:

    Will you marry me? :D

  7. elwachinmanda says:

    LOL her name is Mary Jean

  8. Jacob Cook says:

    Smoke weed erryday

  9. Cecilie Pagh says:

    I freak out whenever I smoke. Marijuana does not make everyone happy and

  10. towelie020789 says:
  11. Jack C says:

    Her mom is a fucking savage

  12. Madalin Neagu says:

    Guarda questo video su YouTube:

  13. Fajar Musaddiq says:


  14. RJ71s says:

    Poor mom took way to much for her first time and got scared away. A shame.
    To bad she wasnt coached a lil better to avoid that.

  15. codzilla2015 says:


  16. Miguel Mathews says:

    This girl is so stupid that I can’t even describe how dumb she is…
    Marijuana is bad if people uses it is for medical issues not for them to
    eat it or have fun with it and marijuana does not make you happy if she’s
    doing good with her work doesn’t mean it’s good it’s make her happy and

  17. theresidentone says:

    she looks like a transexual who’s had too many facelifts or too much botox,
    stiff old face. older than 25 is not hot. (good looking) women peak in
    their 20’s and she’s well past hers not hot or sexy at all. 3:49 she has
    like 6 chins from the side. 1:00 warts looks like a man with makeup on. Got
    that weird manly voice too.

  18. TheAllstar22 says:

    I wish scientists would do a solid research on lets say 50 people. Have
    them smoke daily for 20 years and see if it has any effects on them. I know
    for a fact any type of smoke is gonna harm the lungs as they’re not meant
    to breathe in smoke. But I’d like to see if theres any other negative long
    term effects. I personally used to smoke back in my teens but felt like I
    was getting dumb by smoking it. Possibly because I smoked daily often
    multiple times a day.

  19. TheBeardOfSpock says:

    I fucking hate THC, it makes me paranoid as fuck and seriously affects my
    day in a very negative way.. I used to smoke alot some years ago, but the
    negativity and “self-backstabbing” effect that THC has wasn’t worth it.

    DMT and shrooms are more my thing

  20. geebeepman says:


  21. MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ says:

    Hey name is Mary jane….lol

  22. Jacob Cook says:

    Omg it’s 420 right now

  23. MinecraftNerd0816 says:

    Ya, they obviously don’t know weed kills u….

  24. pryt86 says:

    Oooooo yea

  25. babylon king says:

    I stopped after smoking it everyday for 4 years! its feels much better im
    eating better more healthy im not forgotton lots of things

  26. Herbert Karl says:

    Würden alle Menschen “Rauchen” gäbe es keine Kriege mehr;-)

  27. Nvar Shamal says:

    I started dis gangster shit and dis is the motherfucking thanks i get? 

  28. Meghan McGhee x says:

    The amount of complete and utter bullshit in this video is overwhelming 

  29. Selene corazon de maria says:

    Smoking Hot: Meet One Of The World’s Leading Marijuana Activists:

  30. Allon says:

    Smoke weed everyday

  31. Meghan McGhee x says:

    Oh aye, she looks like someone we should be taking advice off of.


  32. James Bassett says:

    Like she’s high every day. 

  33. lovingstylinson says:

    Judy Garland?!

  34. Joseph Daugherty says:

    A “baked” baker! Ha! This play on words is just as cheesy as the story.

  35. justin bouche says:

    Ya, this is why i haven’t been hitting that shit… Look at how fucking
    crazy she is “weed can only have good effects” fuck that BS

  36. ninja2kernow says:

    Don,t like eating it ,Dosing in food is hard, In a spliff you know what is
    going to happen. Nice for your birthday.

  37. sanmiol says:

    Weed affects your libido in a negative way.. Just FYI

  38. Hannah Stewart says:

    she kinda looks like Katherine Heigal

  39. Evaggelia Strakatou says:
  40. Imma Turkey says:

    I hate fucking weed. It demolishes my allergies 

  41. Doge is love doge is illuminati confirmed i bet he can do 360 noscope evri tim liek if u cri says:

    What. The. Fuck.

  42. Akallz says:

    Weed makes u lose rem sleep which means u dream less an i love my dreams i
    wud take dreams over weed

  43. Joseph Griveas says:

    Rip Shitmerica :/

  44. Snarfindorf says:


  45. Vanessa Vitecek says:

    Smoking weed once in a while is absolutely fine but smoking everyday
    affects your memory negatively and can lead to serious mental illnesses.
    I’ve got two friends suffering from depression because they smoked too
    often and too much.

  46. ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW says:

    Is she single? Weed and sense of humor, bonus shes pretty.

  47. Pokey Minch says:

    Billions of scientific studies show that nug-puffing causes all kinds of
    deadly cancers such as ebola! Hemp bongers claim that pot is good for you,
    and can be used for medicinal purposes, while it ACTUALLY causes death!
    Don’t listen to dank-doing hemp-injectors, listen to the facts people!