Road To 30 – Why I Dont Celebrate Thanksgiving & Being Grateful! BL2 Digistruct Peak Gameplay!


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Road To 30 - Why I Dont Celebrate Thanksgiving & Being Grateful! BL2 Digistruct Peak Gameplay!Extra Episode of my Road To 30 Series. In this series I went back through my 30 years of life over the next 30 episodes and pick out stories and experiences …

50 comments on “Road To 30 – Why I Dont Celebrate Thanksgiving & Being Grateful! BL2 Digistruct Peak Gameplay!

  1. tyrone blackguy on

    Jay, I’ve been wantching your videos for around a year now, and they’ve
    helped me through some tough times. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you
    from your road to 30, and I’m sorry for everything you’ve gone through. I
    love you bro. (By the way the argument with Randy on Twitter was badass)

  2. Ferno Ramos on

    Damn, we have so much in common man, listening to these series just
    explains my life better than I could.

  3. dml549 on

    Jay good work. The thing about Brian was spot on. I am not judging- we’ve
    all made mistakes and done stupid shit in our lives. But driving drunk is
    one of the most heinous mistakes we can make or allow others to make-
    saying this as someone who has been stupid enough to do it himself- and
    that is what we should take away from his passing. I hope your viewers
    will take this to heart and I thank you for saying something that needed to
    be said.

  4. Mike Calamis on

    Family fights always break out at my house during the holidays. Just today,
    everything way always calm and i went to go take a shower. When i got out,
    it was a full out bar brawl. Long story short the cops had to be involved.

  5. CheezitsChrist on

    Coming from a very fortunate background, I’ve been spoiled in my
    upbringing. I like to think that I don’t take it for granted, but I
    innately do, as all fortunate people do. But I completely see your
    argument. I feel the exact same way about relationships. One day is the
    same as one year is the same as 25 years when it comes to somebody you
    truly love.

  6. DropHazard on

    Jay, my families celebrate holidays all year long, i understand where ur
    coming from, but this video just rubbed me the wrong way and upset me, I
    don’t know how to put it to words to explain why but you just upset me with
    this, so i disliked

  7. MoDz King 99 - Best Source For Call of Duty:Ghosts Content!!! on

    Keep Up the GReat Work Jay:) I friended you on xbox one and maybe we can

  8. Dave P on

    I get your point Jay but thanksgiving is not only for giving thanks it’s
    also to remind us as a whole we need to slow down and take a look around us
    and remember what we should be thankful for because in this day and age
    things just move way to fast. Love your vids keep up the great work and
    have a safe day of rest

  9. MorninAfterKill on

    Bringing the series back just for a special episode for thanksgiving, when
    new significant events happen in my life I’ll keep updating the series for
    you guys 😀 

  10. Alexis Hoyos on

    MAK u are completely right, but its just how we have shaped the holidays
    and I wish more people thought about this just like u, great video and keep
    up the good work.

  11. TCG4m3s on

    Fuckin, why the fuck does those motherfuckers think you ain’t happy with
    yer fucking life just because you don’t fucking celebrate thanksgiving or
    other fucking holidays? I don’t fucking celebrate thanksgiving cause I give
    thanks all my day like you Mak. I don’t get why it’s just one day not the
    whole day of yer life. You feel the pain after you lose the memory not
    reverse. So you motherfuckers that say fuck you to people that doesn’t
    celebrate Christmas, Fuck You Too you fucking crazy bitches

  12. Classy Midget on

    MAK you should do a short road where at the end of each month you make an
    update and any funny events ecountered over that month

  13. Drumerpunk1 on

    hittin 28 tomorrow and i feel u man. i don’t celebrate thanksgiving and
    have come to terms i’m not going to be making the big bux so i gotta figure
    out other ways to get by and get things i want =) Just started a twitch
    channel for blands like 3 day’s ago lol. got 3 followers now hahaha.

  14. Saianman on

    Jay u r a huge role model to me! You are setting a great example for kids!
    (Besides the curing part) but ur the best!

  15. Jordan Russell on

    Jay I agree with you all the way. You can wake up and be thankful you made
    it another day. So why spend an entire day to be thankful for things you
    already where thankful for days ago even weeks and months. Its most likely
    for stuffin your face with food and talkin with your family of loved ones.
    But just to be thankful isent enough.

  16. Lyle Dilandy on

    Thing is I have what people wish for but the thing I want are friends but
    because as a kid I kinda pushed everyone away because of trust issues. My
    grandpa told me once that someone can’t feel lonely if they don’t have
    anybody. Humans will never truly be happy because there is always something
    they desire. That’s why everyone is always on the pursuit of happiness. 

  17. Davis TheFamous on

    There are the rich people out there that forget to say thanks because they
    got life made for them. Thanksgiving is a good reminder for those people.
    You’re a legit guy MAK. At least you know to be thankful all the time!

  18. Ruszlán Ólivér on

    Yeah,you have a damn good point which I approve 100% and fully support.Same
    crap is with valentine’s day.A couple should embrace it’s relation trough
    out their time together not just because of the trend.But there are good
    holidays also.Plus I was the same like you MAK.Not getting the few stuff I
    wanted while other had it for a long time they even got bored of it by the
    time I’ve got the hold of it.Kinda dramatic and hilarious at the same time.

  19. bigbro310 on

    Well MAk I agree with you on the fact that we should be thankful everyday.
    But on this day I see it as a religious day as well… now I know some
    people don’t like to here that but it is in a way. But yourl’re right we
    should be thankful everyday… but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fry a damn
    good turkey! Cause there is also Black Friday which is good for people to
    get some stuff at a little cheaper. I liked the muthafukn video 

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