Pot for pets: Nevada bill would make medicinal marijuana available for animals

March 19 update on the multi strain veg room.
March 19, 2015
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March 19, 2015

Pets across the U.S. are busy making their way to Nevada after a bill was introduced Tuesday that would allow owners to buy weed for their pet if a vet says it’s okay. Some vets who have…


  1. Baling Jawa says:

    Smoke weed everyday 

  2. Meowzaa says:


  3. philmon10ez says:


  4. bohnstube says:

    Politicians w/ obviously not enough to do, so they want to see Fido
    “trippin’ balls” Yeah folks, it’s come to this…

  5. Bill inHumboldt says:

    Dispensaries here in Cali sell a high CBD low THC dog treat…
    so your animation of a pet leaving LA for Nevada is all wrong tomo…

  6. Darryl hall says:

    I remember my friend killing his hampster because he kept blowing weed
    smoke at it. 

  7. Shadownoob Noobslayer says:

    hahahahaha this is amazing so if doctor do not give u green light get cat
    or dog or pegon and go to vet LOL

  8. Gunner Flash says:

    My dog eats enough 

  9. Crazy Cat Lady says:

    why the fuck would pets need weed…? __ morons…

  10. NightWolfXVI says:

    No No No, weed is for humans cause it came from the earth for us.

  11. Jason Treworgy says:

    This shows the point in time where the downfall of homo sapiens began and
    goldfish rise up to rule the world.

  12. Don Quixote says:

    Lol. The animations are comedy.

  13. Meancreeper rodriguez says:

    This is the first time ive seen a video on youtube that talks about weed
    and doesn’t bing up this whole mlg crap in months. Finally!

  14. OpalRavenna says:

    “FIDO!!! Did you eat all the Cheesy Puffs!!”

  15. TomoNews US says:

    Would you waste your weed on your dog? Leave your best comments at