Positive Vibes 24 – The Lab Seems to be Closed

Timeless plants Jamaica’s first legal Marijuana Plant
April 23, 2015
JakeemHD – Jar Ain’t Empty
April 23, 2015

The content on this channel may contain strong language, adult themes and the use of medicinal cannabis and are recommended for a viewing age of 18+ Thanks for watching! Audio by Sunny Shook…


  1. richthecardude94 says:

    some like gurgle and some like to cheech either way ya get dinked lol nice
    vid bud mcl 

  2. BigXSmoke1 says:

    sweet shirt

  3. MrNobody says:

    She needs her own show.. bmp

  4. jjtheclown says:

    Another great episode, stay with the long episodes. 15-20+ minutes.