Pittsburgh NORML at the Courthouse: Patrick Nightingale

Pittsburgh NORML at the Courthouse: Jessicah Hawkins
April 30, 2015
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April 30, 2015

Pgh NORML Execuative Director Patrick Nightingale gives a passionate introduction at the Allegheny County Courthouse.


  1. Subject412 says:
  2. 488shambala says:

    I don’t even have anything else to say. I’ve been researching this issue
    for about two years. I ranted on so many pages and forums and I’m just sick
    of it. Sick of the lies. Sick of the power upholding and enforcing those
    lies. All while people like me and thousands others are either suffering or
    dead. I could take pharmaceutical poison that my doctor wants me to take
    (for major depression, horrible anxiety, insomnia, nightmares [when I do
    sleep], isolation/social anxiety etc.). But I won’t. Been there. Done that.
    Hated how it made me feel (not to mention later researching what I was
    really taking, aka poison)So here I am without a net. Anyways, nothing I
    say here matters. I’ve done it too many times. I am proud to have
    Pittsburgh’s NORML Execuative Director Patrick Nightingale speaking up for
    all us sick patients here in Pennsylvania.