Pheno Hunt – Day 24 – 7/13/14


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Pheno Hunt - Day 24 - 7/13/14In Full Compliance With Colorado Medical Marijuana Laws, 18+, As Always… They need a good feeding, so far have only been fed once, but other than that, things are going well, will be removing…

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  1. rghands711 on

    Gonna always have gnats in coco, that’s why I don’t use it personally..A
    simple custom soil mix would help.. Here’s mine and I never need to add
    anything but water.. Don’t even need to ph the water.. I use a cement mixer
    from Harbor freight that cost me $200, worth the investment.. Make sure
    nothing you buy has ever gotten wet.. Gnats love wet soil bags.. I cut a
    bag open and scoop with a clear solo cup and inspect in the dark with a
    green light before using in 5 gal buckets.. NO NUTRINTS are EVER needed
    through entire grow.. Do not put seeds or fresh cut clones in this mix.. I
    use a DWC cloner for first 21 days then go to soil and flip lights at 45
    days vegged.. Best tasting mix.. Hope this works for you as goood as it has
    for me for the last 25 years.. Never stop growing!
    4- Large bags of Roots Organic
    1- 25 pounds of Organic Worm castings
    2.5 lb. Steamed Bone meal
    2.55 lb. Bloom bat Guano
    2.55 lb. Blood meal
    1.5 lb. Rock Phosphate
    1/3 cup Epson salts
    1/4 to 1/3 Cup cup Sweet Lime ( Dolomite)
    1/4 Cup Azomite ( Trace Elements)
    1- TBS Powdered Humic Acid

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