Nevada is trying to legalize weed. FOR PETS!

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March 25, 2015
GWMT Classics #7 – Cannabis Carpentry #3 – Designing A Grow Room Control Panel
March 25, 2015

Democrat Tick Segerlom, a lawmaker in Nevada, recently proposed legislation that included a provision to legalize medicinal marijuana for pets with chronic pain conditions. While this might…


  1. Rich Mikesell says:


  2. Burning Aether says:

    Hey pass me some of that reefer, dog… All puns intended

  3. Pulsed Neutrino says:

    or it could be like a supplement with any regular feed. fine tune the
    optimal amount to keep your dog calm. 

  4. Andy Almeida says:

    Who is the weed for sir?… It’s for my dog man! Okay… you’re free to go

  5. Fascist Pig says:

    Im all for the legalization, but do we really need to be giving it to our

  6. Jake c says:

    Fucking pot heads. 

  7. SteveXnycperformance says:

    what does America have to do with dog and god. ?

  8. Alexander Aramaki says:

    My cat had cancer on his chin, i’m certain it’s from being exposed to so
    many different kinds of pesticides on a daily basis. I applied Cannabis Oil
    on his cancerous looking scabs and now he’s very healthy. I am glad there
    is more transparency now when it comes to using Medicinal Cannabis,
    especially Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil (aka Phoenix Tears)

  9. Humans 1 Being says:

    You are awesome!!! I love your energy! :D

  10. Rabbi Tradition says:

    American pot heads, no wonder holland is backpedaling on their looseness.

  11. mike hawk says:

    Pretty sure dogs don’t have THC receptors.

  12. Enjoy! says:

    no ROYAL CORPORATION FEDERAL LAW is suppose to supersede State Laws!

  13. Mankind Global Media Network says:

    I only regret that my state of Oregon let CO & WA beat us to the punch.
    Other than that, I’m glad we’re leading the pack!

  14. Peter Parkour says:
  15. Al Wilson says:

    I’m buying the most broken down mangy old dog tonight. 

  16. RT America says:
  17. Dragon Butt says:

    Oh boy, RT is beating the drum so hard.

  18. Kevin Young says:
  19. Air Raid says:

    I cant wait till the day i see weed cigs at my local gas station. 

  20. Al Wilson says:

    If you got some its legal at my house. Shhhhhhh! But keep it a secrete.

  21. streetfightspdx . says:

    Monsanto & George Soro’s are the reason Weed is being Legalized…Soon most
    weed will be GMO…

  22. Richy Rich says:

    The day (if ever) weed is legalized in NY, she should do a report dressed
    in a pair of rose tinted shades, a bandana, and a floral print blouse.