Neighborhood Upset Medical Marijuana Businesses Are The Only People Renting Store Fronts

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March 23, 2013
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March 23, 2013

Neighborhood Upset Medical Marijuana Businesses Are The Only People Renting Store FrontsMarch 15, 2013 KING 5 News


  1. homerbear46 says:

    …”hers” too….more feminine, type bongs, that have glass roses or orchids in the design, for the lady toker….no big stupid skulls or wizards….I think it’s important we keep things “classy”.

  2. aybesee123 says:

    doughnut shop

  3. jmf420 says:

    Yeah, lets stifle new businesses because we may or may not agree with what they are legally selling to customers, and people wonder why our economy is in the shit hole. Have these people ever heard of supply and demand? If there isn’t enough demand to support the influx of new dispensaries, some will have to close by default.

  4. njacob120 says:

    Obviously there wouldn’t be more shops if there wasn’t a demand in the market…so maybe gift shops aren’t as needed, ever think about that.

  5. moonasha says:

    also, why does nobody complain about the fast food shops on every corner?

  6. BanThisChannel says:

    The businesses DO reflect what people need! I have an uncle who uses medicinal marijuana and without it he would be in severe pain. Without a place to get it easily, he would have to resort to being a common criminal to get his medicine. Our country has it so backwards…

    Did you know that in Canada, where we’re supposedly all potheads, the punishment for growing weed is harsher than the punishment for molesting a child. PATHETIC, backwards BS. People who passed that law should be arrested.

  7. homerbear46 says:

    surely head-shops, grow-shops, hippy fashion stores, shops selling cool/weird household items & furniture, & especially restaurants that play chill-out music & serve excellent food with satisfying portions, should also be doing well?
    Clearly other businessmen aren’t getting with the program, but the weed-providers are getting the blame for the townsfolk’s lack of vision.
    People coming into ur shitty town with money, should be enough for ur gratitude.
    It’s up to U to keep them there spending it.

  8. coolrog7564 says:

    Zoning regulations keep these places from opening in different areas. Can’t be near a church, school, daycare or salvation army so what do you expect.

  9. Tuco Benedicto says:

    Quit hating.

  10. cruiscinlan says:

    bang on

  11. cruiscinlan says:

    if the neighbours are upset, why aren’t they opening businesses? they expecting to be saved from on high or something?

  12. Mike Almendarez says:

    could not have said it better myself

  13. j0phus says:

    Then open another business and sell something that people want…. Fuck. It sounds like the other businesses are the problem because they AREN’T bringing in customers. Also, how does this concern the police at all?

  14. spoons2020 says:

    Mcdonalds on every fucking corner in this country!

  15. 1Ravangers1 says:


  16. Emeianoite says:

    Yet no one gives a shit when a wendys, mcdonald, taco bell, kfc, and bk open up in less than a mile from each other… lol, I see.

  17. waynetothechain says:

    1:55 “Gift shop, candle store, not something useless like medicinal marijuana”… what a tool

  18. alhansen75 says:

    Looks like these “grassroots activists” are using the police to bully the legitimate business owners.

  19. esham blazer says:

    Hemp has always been popular.

  20. Matthew Cunningham says:

    Now leaving the wrong side of History behind use we might want to listen to Mark Twain subjection on the Gold rush was to invest in the Picks and Shovels.

  21. Jiu Xianghou says:

    No these stupid people are actually hating on medical marijuana clubs because it hurts their business popularity. The Lumber Industry is a prime example of that.

  22. andrefrbk says:

    shops vs no shops…. stupid fucking idiots.

  23. Crimsoncorn says:

    if you want people to buy your shit, sell good shit. Right now, the dispensaries are selling the best shit.

  24. Johnny Dare says:

    stuck up bitches get educated

  25. Adonis King says:

    In todays business climate Seattle should just be glad ANY business opens it’s doors. Frankly it will only be a problem for a while until the best providers remain and the worst or under supported providers wash out. Business is based on supply and demand so apparently there is more demand right now for herb than for little junk shops. The problem may also be in the Zoning Laws since many cities attempt to push businesses like this to one central location and so they should expect this. PEACE!

  26. MrKillAllTheLawyers says:

    Not news. This is a silly conversation when it includes police

  27. cowpacino says:

    It seems to me like the market will take care of this “problem” if too many pot shops open up then eventually some will go out of business and then you can bring in some more gift shops.

  28. apocalyptichybrid2 says:

    I agree, they need to limit how many smoke shops can conduct biz in a specific area, just like some other bizs like gun shops, liquor stores and rx shops are restricted.

  29. Dodgyasdf says:

    They’re just trying to find an argument that isn’t the same old “weed is bad, get it out of here. we don’t care what the truth is or that the majority wants this.” This is the free market society we have, and they are wanting to control it based on opinion and personal perception. Fucking cunts.

  30. JACK HUFFMAN says:

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  31. Tall Guy says:

    Maybe the residents don’t realize the type of people they live around. Dispensaries are only where people who use cannabis live, so, if there are 11 dispensaries then there’s probably a lot of users. Why didn’t they interview a user other than a dispensary owner?
    They said themselves that “its a drive-thru community” and that they “wanted more variety” yet there are business buildings for lease all over the area.
    They’re obviously trying to get big businesses to chase the dispensaries out.

  32. homerbear46 says:

    if i had “a gift shop” next to a marijuana dispensarry, i’d be willing to bet i’d get rich selling delightful & ornate glass “bubbler bongs” (which I can get cheap from Shenzhen in China) they’d make the type of “gift” that instantly guarantees a new best friend…
    for an extra 10bucks you can get his name engraved on that shit…

  33. OvergrowDaGovernment says:

    fucking hilarious . they should tell them about the tax money – fucking hipocrits – plus pot is an herb

  34. batchplz1 says:

    Gift Shop, how are you going to smoke gifts?

  35. swisshakilla says:

    …perfect neighborhood for a glass shop

  36. moonasha says:

    cant tell if honeypot, troll, or just plain stupid…

  37. ExtremelyRelentless says:

    there has to be some kind of business to replace the production industry that was parted out & sent to foreign countries around the globe.might as well be the cancer curing plant,cannabis & all the medical edibles its made out of & they would rather complain,they’re lucky its not a ghost town in this economy.

  38. lukidd says:

    so basically those women complain, that their neighbourhood is famous for “drive through community” and when people open shops that actually makes people stop in their neighbourhood and buy something, they complain? F UCK LOGIC

  39. Gui Tar says:

    Maybe some fresh baked cookies and doughnut stores, pizzerias, etc.?

  40. Polydynamix says:

    Green and Gold.

  41. carbureted says:

    Wow, that’s the only thing they could come up with? Like the guy said, they pay rent, they pay taxes, they’re considerate neighbors. What more could you want? If you don’t like marijuana, move to Saudi Arabia and enjoy your freedom.

  42. Alec Smolyar says:

    Oh I’m so sorry that a certain type of business is doing well… You poor things. Because Medical MJ brings in tourists, ups the state/local budget, gives tax breaks, helps people. You poor fucking things.

    I don’t get mad that there is a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks. Fox has literally ran out of things to report.

  43. esham blazer says:

    give away free joints for shopping at your store

  44. defect530 says:

    When walmart starts selling weed those building will be empty again.

  45. Jiu Xianghou says:

    People are very uneducated which is why they are so.. so stupid.

  46. Stevie bob says:

    Ron Paul is trying to bring our troops home but Jew are planning to send Americans to war with Iran & die for Israel.

    America’s enemies are Jews.