Mitt vs Medical Marijuana

Pre-outdoor medical grow Update#1
May 16, 2012
Feds force the seriously ill medical cannabis patients to the street, a BPG documentary
May 17, 2012

Mitt vs Medical MarijuanaObama said he didn’t care, and then aggressively went after medicinal dispensaries. Romney comes right out and admits he’s an idiot on these issues. LiveLife8072’s animation that I did some voices for:


  1. JustaEropeanGuy says:

    O right. I thought that was like a typo, coz you didn’t spell it right, or capitalize.

  2. EdwardHowton says:

    I love how Mitt tries to dodge the medical marijuana question in favor of job-creation… The fucking halfwit doesn’t realize that the pot question is a goddamned softball considering that the douchebag destroys companies for a profit and got rich ELIMINATING JOBS.

    What the fuck is wrong with you, America? How are these dumbasses getting into positions of power?

  3. KarinMikazuki says:

    What about the other legalized narcotics for legitimate medical purposes?

  4. LordNapalm says:

    Move to Canada. Seriously. It’s great up here.
    I recommend Toronto. It’s a nice big city.

  5. housekilla457 says:

    Marijuana is the flowering bud of a cannabis sativa or cannabis indicia plant. The two most active compounds are THC and CBD. THC is the more psychoactive in that it makes you happy and calms you down which is why strains with high THC are prescribed for anger depression paranoia anxiety and the like. CBD is more physical and is given to people with MS MD and epilepsy since it calms involuntary muscle spasms and lessens pain.

  6. Faustaao says:

    Number of alcoholic liver disease deaths (2009, USA) : 15,183
    Number of alcohol-induced deaths, excluding accidents and homicides (2009, USA) : 24,518
    443,000 deaths annually from cigarettes in USA (including deaths from secondhand smoke)
    Yet both are perfectly legal.

  7. MedievalWerewolf says:

    Keep it classy, Mittens.

  8. Koshari Eagle says:

    Being a Mormon myself, I really don’t appreciate your comments. You’re stereotyping in the most bigoted way. I’m also a medical marijuana recipient in New Mexico. I’m an active member in the church. Please don’t paint us with a broad brush. We’re just as diverse as the rest of the U.S. And. I would never vote for Romney. My vote will be and was for President Obama.

  9. managarm1349 says:

    what a dumb FUCKHOLE. absolutely resistant to arguments, reason, evidence, moral, common sense, decency. that “thing” is truly evil

  10. MrWagman11 says:

    At least you know where Mitt stands.

  11. EyEnOtgAy says:

    ive done marijuana many times in my life, i can tell you right now it is not a gateway to harder drugs, as long as your smart about the drugs your inhaling, i wouldnt ever snort cocaine or shoot heroin~

  12. baxtar1963 says:

    America please don’t elect this fucktard please I beg of you. I can’t take four years of this Robby the Robot Pluto Crat Gay Hating Magic Underwear Wearing Corporate Raiding Draft Dodging Austrian Wormblood Hourse Raising ass hole

    I bet no pot smoker ever tied his dog on the roof of his car.

  13. TearsOfWar1 says:

    Weed can cause nausea also moron… Look it up if you don’t believe me…

  14. FSM4TheWin says:

    What absolute bullshit. Nothing is so insane as this. If you are ill and suffering there should be nothing off limits. I hope with all my heart and soul that people like this end up in a situation where these drugs would relieve extreme suffering and are denied it.

  15. thepillsofhappiness says:

    the problems he’s bringing up that are because of marijuana are ONLY FUCKING HAPPENING !!!BECAUSE!!! IT’S ILLEGAL -___- DEGENERATE PIECE OF SHIT.

  16. housekilla457 says:

    It is great for people going through chemo since it reduces physical pain, represses nausea, stimulates appetite and enhances mood. Now yes smoking marijuana is bad for you but not because it’s marijuana it’s because you inhale smoke which is why most medicinal users use edibles or vaporizers. Furthermore it is the safest drug on the market; people die every year from aspirin yet in over 5000 years of use as medicine no one has died from pot.

  17. TheMrGruff says:

    Well mormonism should talked about because it’s so close to being as loony as scientology. For fuck’s sake, he’s wearing “magic” underwear!

    Who do we have to blow to get an atheist president?

  18. pistolpete667 says:

    It hurts my brain to watch anti marijuana shows and hear the flawed logic and the money they waste trying to “er raticate the problem “. And i don’t even smoke

  19. kpmadness says:

    4:12 “The use of illegal drugs in this country is leading to terrible consequences, in places like Mexico, and actually in our own country.”
    You mean the same way illegal alcohol lead to terrible consequences during the prohibition era, until we legalized it, and seemingly overnight, those consequences weren’t as severe as they used to be. Those terrible consequences to which you speak are the reasons Marijuana should be legalized.

  20. TruthSurge says:

    “aren’t there issues of significance you’d like to talk about like MONEY?”

    FUCK YOU, ROMNEY.  I hope you get blasted in the election. You have NO vested interest because you have billions and every last clip of you shows you to be a heartless bastard only interested in one thing – yourself.

  21. TruthSurge says:

    God, I just want SOMEONE to whack Romney across his shit-eating face with a 2×4 PLEASE!

  22. MyOldName says:

    And bad movies.

  23. SuperEric39 says:

    Great comment.

  24. inadaizz says:

    @LiberalViewer @ACLUOHIO start at 9:08 to get str8 to the point

  25. Asmodeious says:

    A person with a normal reaction to pot has to smoke a ton before they get nauseated. Smoke weed if you don’t believe me.

  26. MedievalWerewolf says:

    WHAAAA….?! @6:11?!

    Did I just hear him say that it was against the law for politicians to receive contributions from corporations?!

  27. mcalsip says:

    Romney is a Mormon, he is opposed to alcohol too. He just knows that republican votes don’t come from that platform. If he had it his way totally, no one would have alcohol, then drinks with caffeine, and then the laws making it illegal to have sex outside of marriage would come. Finally, you would have to be Mormon to vote. Never trust those that believe nonsense.

  28. finderfinder100 says:

    Can’t argue with a teetotaler.

  29. Antichryst666 says:

    It’s a good thing the war on drugs has been so effective, otherwise it would be difficult for Romney, and the GOP, to justify all that spending on “big government”. Hahaha, yeah, but not really that funny.

  30. TZMLife says:

    Oh hell, I can’t resist: Religion is the gateway insanity to murder/violence, racism, homophobia, war and oppression. I’m sure I’ve probably missed a few things there but my point is addressed. Doesn’t really matter anyway because it’s not lik this comment will be a cosmic revelation to all christians out there… unfortunately.

  31. jimthepleb says:

    i don’t know the story about the woman who fired the warning shot and got 20yrs…..but can i hazard a guess here….was she African American?

  32. rebukeasitis says:

    Great vid coc

  33. LiamE69 says:

    A politician expressing that he his against medical cannabis is about as stupid as him saying he is against ibuprofen or any other drug.

  34. PrometheusIsFree says:

    We have morphine which is an opiate like heroin and from the same source. What’s the problem with Marijuana? In fact what’s the problem with it at all? Was it ever been a serious  problem before it was legislated against?

  35. Relativisticism says:

    hey you wanna solve job problems, how about legal drugs and youll get a shit load of jobs.

  36. Ayla156156 says:

    I’m really not sure what marijuana is and what effects it has, so I prefer to listen to qualified doctors. If they say, that in some cases this plant helps you get better and not worse – go ahead, legalize it, lets see where it leads. Romney is so ignorant…

  37. mortalhellion says:

    How many deaths were related to marijuana? In its entire history, there was not a single death reported due to marijuana use. Not a single documented case. Compare that to cigarette and alcohol use, both being legal in this godforsaken country.
    Romney only shows his lack of understanding on the subject. Perhaps he’ll just try to buy his way into his seat like Ron Johnson did… and the way Scott Walker is doing that right now here in Wisconsin.
    This country is getting dumber.

  38. housekilla457 says:

    And still we have morons like romney sticking their fingers so deep in their ears the tips touch and saying nope marijuana is bad.

  39. abaddon5 says:

    I smoked pot a few times back in High School. I haven’t touched the stuff in about 10 years, let alone done a “harder” drug. I drink responsibly (I NEVER drink and drive). I love this whole slippery slope argument about weed. While I don’t smoke it, I’ve met quite a few people who do (including a few doctors) and they smoke it responsibly. Romney is a fucking moron. Even if you’re not for the complete legalization, then why the fuck wouldn’t you be for medicinal uses?

  40. tpriest1914 says:

    I salute you again. Your post are classic!

  41. JoJoQwenty says:

    is your name mit

  42. TZMLife says:

    Employment is the gateway to drug use (and abuse-both illegal and prescription). How? Well, because most jobs are depressing, damaging to relationships, they separate families and worst of all, they’re very restricting.

  43. ubitron56 says:

    The truth of the matter is is that Romney makes all LDS people look bad. He is dishonest and only cares about himself. He does not deserve the presidency for any reason.

  44. jschultzVII says:

    Did you see Mittles next to his running mate in that 2nd clip? The 300 gallon drum of crude oil.

    Also, Mitt, you fucking rube, the violence in Mexico IS BECAUSE IT’S ILLEGAL….. and has spawned a class of sadistic criminals that make the Mafia look like kittens.

  45. MrWagman11 says:

    Mormonism and Scientology is not a whole lot wackier than Christianity, or all religions for that matter.

  46. jschultzVII says:

    Of course he’s against it, his Pharma paymasters don’t like it because they want sick people to buy their pill shaped poisons. Those tiny pills with awesome side effects like, heart palpitations, stomach ulcers, and increased risk for some types of cancers.

    Awesome, Mitt, really awesome……. you sold fucktard.

  47. TearsOfWar1 says:

    I am actually planning on getting a license. I live in New Mexico where it’s legal. I just need $140.

  48. johnbmclemore says:

    She should have fired the warning shot into his head.