ZNews – Medicinal Marijuana
September 8, 2011
Outdoor Marijuana Plants, Outdoor Growing, Rural Areas – Part 8
September 9, 2011

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  1. drutang says:

    ahhh yeah… dynamic duo at it again!!!

  2. 559treeman says:

    ya i got the full melts from harborside in oakland. the fullmelts burn pretty good on the vapor globe n skillet an taste pretty good as well. it has more of a mellow high but a good wax tops everything! i also got some nyc diesel from cafe 215 thats pretty good as well thanx for watchin peace & concentrates

  3. 559treeman says:

    @drutang dynamic duo haha u got me rolling!

  4. The559reviewer says:

    Doin it big still what dispensary that full melt from if you don’t mind telling? Shit looks bomb little steep 35$ 4 a g does it compare to a (good) wax from b4l like the blue cheese

  5. mannyo310 says:

    Yyyeeeeaaaaa!!!!! You guys are back!!!!!! Great video sure did miss you guys!!

  6. 559treeman says:

    @mannyo310 thanx bro peace & concentrates

  7. 559treeman says:

    @Hoodgrower fo sho pimp good lookin1 peace & concentrates

  8. sk8forlife90 says:

    oh man, you ruined all that good weed taste with that tobacco wrapper man! lol, nice blunt though.

  9. Hoodgrower says:

    from new york to cali good smoke man Damn