How Do I Get A Medicinal Marijuana Card?

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September 28, 2010
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September 28, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Nicholas A asked:

im not sick.
great answers people, really. i am looking for G13;s, anyone know how much they run or what state has them?


  1. Kevinnius says:

    from your dealer.

  2. deadpan serious says:

    Then you don’t get one.

    You have to be “sick”

  3. 007 says:

    then you must be a liar to get the card.

  4. Biran_Sefar says:

    First, you have to live in a state that has approved patient use of medical marijuana.
    Second, you have to be diagnosed with an illness that qualifies for the medical marijuana exemption(i.e. exemption from persecution/prosecution by local and state authorities).
    Third, once you have been approved by your doctor to use medical marijuana for your condition, then you have to apply for a patient license/permit that will identify you as a medical marijuana exemptee.

    As you are not sick, you are out of luck.