Hot box goffin

Pain Diary 18.04.14
April 18, 2014
April 18, 2014

Hot box goffinSup yo weer jake n josh if ur new. Follow us on ig at @mrdr_josh @vuuhjj. Free my nigga bryson. Fuck oggotkillz. Watch the other vids to. And watch new boot …


  1. dylan baglivo says:

    what mountain man get locked up for?

  2. DeeJay Clark says:

    who usually pays for the weed?

  3. dylan baglivo says:

    tokin daily is the best one by far

  4. mike blood says:

    U guys are chill but stop trying to be ogs cause your not

  5. ezra lemus says:

    damn shame hope he gets out soon firme video tho stay high

  6. JRogersTV says:

    New music on my channel
    If yall like rap

  7. zeke morris says:

    We don’t smoke dope fucker haha… ROLL THAT BUBBLE!

  8. Kristi Yamaguchi says:


  9. DozaCraft says:

    I watch magnetoidrowdy and … can’t remember this other chicks name. They
    both live in Cali though, yall should do a smoking vid together. Send me a
    message in a couple days I might remember the chick

  10. Hemp707Cali says:

    Hemp707cali best channel ever

  11. Luis Hernandez says:

    Watch Pothead702WSO best weed channel 

  12. BC GOTKILLZ says:

    shit my nigga i got my name on your description…LMAO (joe and jack off
    josh jake jonatthon you jack off brothers) (get some chicks on here and
    stop talking bout me faggot lol)