Flower Room – Day 21

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April 28, 2015
FTB 2015 Update #1
April 28, 2015

In Full Compliance With Colorado Medical Marijuana Laws, 18+, As Always… Quick look at the flower room on day 21 of flower,


  1. greywind819 says:

    Just curious, what are the genetics on that Golden Pineapple? Looking great
    all around! Cheers!

  2. BolagnaSheetsMD . says:

    hell yea bro looks amazing and healthy, happy to see you bcd to having buds
    on buds everywhere haha, that a 4k?

  3. grapeghost fourtwenty says:

    Sweet nice grow, respect 

  4. Jam Packed says:

    word bro looking good

  5. Medically Fit says:

    Awesome bro! plants are looking FIRE!! I like watching the same cuts of
    strains grown in different mediums. You in Coco, me in SuperSoil. I’ll have
    a new video up tonight so you can compare the plants!

  6. OverGrowtheGov says:

    wow man everything is killing it. all your leaves are nice and healthy and
    the buds are coming right along! what day is this on? day 20 ish ?

  7. Maine420medgrower says:

    very nice glad u got ur room back running