Federal Government Admits Marijuana Can Shrink Certain Types of Brain Tumors

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April 20, 2015
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April 20, 2015

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is quietly acknowledging the medicinal value of marijuana, specifically it’s ability to help treat one of the most aggressive forms of cancer.***Subscribe…


  1. Etherouge says:

    Private prisons and pharmacies wouldn’t like the idea of legalized weed.

  2. Dire Shadow says:

    It has the ability to shrink tumors, but expand the mind… so mich so that
    it may be the cause of opinion change in voters. This is why it remains
    illegal. It is a dagger poised at the heart of dominater thinking, and
    governments know this.

  3. Rune Munch Pedersen says:

    That cup is REALLY strategically placed :)

  4. VegematicDeluxe says:

    Told you so.

  5. Maria Abasta says:

    Its scary all the money they make n what they r going to do with it.
    Obviously not to no good.our country will be destroyed.

  6. overshot says:

    Jaclyn Glenn is the best, keep having her on!

  7. Yourinquirer says:

    I want to use this as an opportunity to talk about the hypocrisy here
    between the show’s earlier position on E-cigs and it’s contradictory
    position on smoking marijuana.
    Because SOME E-cig users (vapers) use high settings which MAY release in
    the steam SOME formaldehyde, that has SOME cancer causing agents in it, the
    show declared e-smoking cancerous and vapers as “religious” because they
    defended the practice.
    Now the show is promoting marijuana (and assumably smoking it) as a cancer
    treatment, even though EVERY major health organization has said inhaling
    actual smoke can lead to cancer, including marijuana.
    Don’t misunderstand, I AM NOT SAYING weed causes cancer, but the show is
    very hypocritical here.

  8. Tom TheNorsman says:

    There’s money to be made on both sides here. The black market doesn’t want
    it legal anymore than law enforcement. Two sides of the same coin. Its like
    a symbiotic relationship.

  9. shawn jackson says:

    I repeat a black man can not and should not be responsible for legalizing

  10. Ian Powy says:

    I got shot in face the face but when I had a bong hit the hole had gone…

  11. TwelveNation says:

    I hope Florida passes the law soon, because im sick of taking drug test for
    a job when as soon as I pass I smoke anyways. You cant stop people from
    doing what they want.

  12. Nicholas Strand says:

    It looks like Obama won’t do anything to legalize marijuana, and if Chris
    Christie or Jeb Bush becomes president…no legal weed.

  13. nitelite78 says:

    If all drugs were decriminalised wouldn’t it potentially mean that less
    police will be needed? People usually talk about police forces losing money
    they get from seizures. But if drugs start to be decriminalised then a lot
    of related crime may go down as well such as theft by addicts to buy drugs.
    The government would then realise that they can save money by having
    smaller police forces.

    So it would be in police forces interest to be against decriminalisation.
    Being made redundant isn’t a nice prospect.

  14. Connor C says:

    He doesn’t even have to worry about reelection!! He has NO excuse not to
    take action on gay marriage and marijuana legalization on a federal level.
    He’s being conservative and I thought he was supposed to be the “liberal”

  15. Eero Haapala says:

    National marijuana legalization has the will of the people, but the DEA and
    Big Pharma obstruct progress by bribing corporate whoring politicians.

  16. Maria Abasta says:

    They all talk stupid that smoke mari. I’m not surprized if they all turn
    like zombies!!!!