Durango OG update 1&2 – LaPlata Labs

trees – Mon Nov 24 01:04:30 EST 2014
November 24, 2014
TBO: The Lindsay Concentrate Review
November 24, 2014

In Full Compliance With Colorado Medical Marijuana Laws, 18+, As Always… These plants have had a very rough start, things should start looking better in the upcoming videos.


  1. Medically Fit says:

    Nice to see d one videos from you again. I’m down in Colorado Spring bro so
    hit me up sometime. 

  2. danthe growman says:

    Getting ready for planting out side next year n make some trees lol

  3. The dank Tank says:

    How long do you keep your seedlings in cups before transplant to larger

  4. stableboy420 says:

    Welcome back. You are one of my fave growers on here. LOL remember that
    Jack Herer that you brought down “early” at like 14 weeks? That was insane.