Defoliating Cannabis: Higher Yield?


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Defoliating Cannabis: Higher Yield?This is perhaps the most controversial subject in Cannabis gardening. To clip, or not to clip fan leaves? Some claim double the yield when pruned off…others claim it is ‘obvious’ that the…

3 comments on “Defoliating Cannabis: Higher Yield?

  1. Remember My Hug on

    I’m no weed grower but I have been a gardener and horticulturalist for
    about 15-20 years. I would say clip the veg. It forces flowers to grow
    faster more than anything. So in the long run you get better turn
    around…possibly better yield.

    That said, on industrial scales I wouldn’t bother. Like if you have
    hundreds of plants its a waste of time.

    I’ve always had an idea about keeping the root stock and stem too post
    harvest. you could bonsai your cannabis. The seasonal buds that a bonsai-ed
    plant would produce would be smaller but I have a feeling they would have a
    disproportionate amount of THC and other compounds found in the plant. Like
    super high concentrations.

  2. Ron Haskell on

    In the wild the plant would die without them as the nutrition is processed
    via the leaves, brought up through the soil as possibly heavier components
    and delivered to the leaves to break down into more usable cell-producing

    However, given the nature of the liquid fertilizers of the “not so wild”
    gardener, this is not necessary and can impede a larger harvestable crop of
    its fruit if the plant is “acting out” in its natural ways. Fan leaves
    might actually be useless to the overall production within this controlled
    environment whereas outdoors it is what keeps them alive and cools their
    feet from such a tremendous burden!

    I wonder how that relates to us? Those who will eventually go into the
    rocks and caves in order to hide from the Face of Him who comes! Colloidal
    Gold might be told to grow good awareness, but what of the Trees who speak
    of such things? It’s all about the Sun and yet the soil is what feeds

    I am only musing through this! Thanks for sharing! 

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