Life at the Seed Desk! (1of2)
September 6, 2011
outdoor marijuana grow . bc 2011
September 6, 2011

CONNOISSEURS SOUR DIESEL BUDDERdaily batch of budder …sour diesel bho budder or wax,budder is dry and crumbly,not shiny and mushy..and it does not snap or stick..budder wax concentrates extracts “honey oil” “hash oil” cannabis, marijuana ,weedshortstuff seeds,advanced seeds,bong hits,cultivation,kush,crazy,insane,british columbia,water pipes,fat buds,marijuana buds,THC,CBD,CBN,seed banks,indica,sativa,smoking cannabis,medicine,medicinal marijuana,medical marijuana


  1. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    every time i rip on someone for havin mush budder they say is good they come n dislike my perfect 100% stable buddder sooooooooooooo fuunnny….dont hate me cuz you aint me

  2. daytripping63 says:

    Man that looked tasty!! I want to try making this, what do you use for a extractor? Glass or metal? Thanks.

  3. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    @daytripping63 i donno if i will make a video or not yet..i get my London/colibri butane from my local 7/11 for 4 $ a can..purest butane u can buy

  4. NorthernCaliLivin510 says:

    You were not fuckin around with that rip….. I have difficulty getting it to the final dry stage, usually more like earwax, any suggestions?

  5. daytripping63 says:

    @canadiancosnnoisseur, if you do I’ll look in for sure!! Thanks I have seen that at 7/11, cool easy to find!
    Thanks Bro

  6. jordyiscool1 says:

    now thats budder !!!FUCK MUSH BUDDER

  7. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    @NorthernCaliLivin510 yea im kinda known for makin super drywax/bdder in my city..been doin it for about 5 years….u just need to practice …it could be a number of problems…id have to watch u make it to solve the problem

  8. mafiaman777 says:

    I was wondering why you would want dry budder then I saw you smoking it on a bowl.

  9. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    uh oh someone had some mush budder and disliked my vid:(

  10. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    @mafiaman777 its smoother and more potant wen its dry to because its more stable ,concentrated, and cured then ”mush”

  11. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    @mafiaman777 i dab my budder all the time just funner for ppl to watch bong hits….its suppost to b dry or it isnt budder…if it strechtes, sticks or shines its not budder…cali despensories sell mush oil and tell ppl its budder wen its nott…budder is always that dry unless it isnt budder

  12. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    @daytripping63 glass is always best

  13. bweez100 says:

    lookin good man peace n pot

  14. daytripping63 says:

    @canadiancosnnoisseur, Cool I thought it was makes sense,I appreciate the fast reply!! Do you have a video showing how you make it? Where do you buy the right Butane? Thanks.