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50 comments on “Buying medical marijuana in Denver | JackVsLife

  1. Gareth Howell on

    I think it’s really great, I don’t smoke personally, but I think people will have a lot more common sense if it becomes socially acceptable. Hopefully if it’s legalised more people will understand it, and there will be less abuse.

  2. Dave Coconut on

    I don’t have opinions on whether or not it should be legalised but it does seem like the people involved would have a lot more safety and security following the legal processes than the current illegal drug deals.

  3. emilylikessmakeup on

    i think it’s fine if its legalised as long as its properly controlled which it does appear to be in denver.

  4. Anna Banffer on

    In Holland it’s legal to smoke, but it’s illegal to deal drugs…. it’s completely useless. Alcohol is worse and provides more violence than drugs do

  5. josefperez15 on

    This was a very interesting video! Personally, I’m all for legalizing the use of marijuana. People just have to use them responsibly, just like any other vice.

  6. Grace Bouchard on

    I don’t smoke it, but I have plenty of friends who do in a really controlled, mature and sensible way. I think it is really ridiculous that there is such a stigma around marijauna in the UK, legalising it for medicinal purposes at least would make a huge difference and I don’t necessarily think it would be a bad thing

  7. James Beveridge on

    I’m in favour, though, making weed legal for the public will put local small scale growers out of business. The government just seems to have been charging or jailing people for years and now is hijacking the business of medicinal local growers

  8. gamefreak974 on

    If you’re not gonna smoke that bring it to me!!!! Lol jk, that’s trafficking. Great video dude! I might be going to Colorado in my near future.

  9. VexedMeerkat on

    The legalisation of marijuana would take away the ‘forbidden fruit’ effect, such as we saw with the prohibition years in america. It would be much safer to legalise it and heavily tax it such as tobacco so that the government could make more money off it, stop spending money on catching people for it, and in general making it less desirable.

  10. BensFreeLife on

    I think the problem with legalisation arises when the fact that it is legal leads people to try it who otherwise wouldn’t. It also seems like a step in wrong direction with regards to the anti-smoking campaigns most 1st world Governments are pushing. Although manufactured cigarettes are obviously more damaging to your health, Smoking in any form isn’t healthy and this raises the possibility of increased health problems caused by smoking. That said, picking a side I would be pro legalisation.

  11. Amelia Klemp on

    I think it should be legal, its not any worse than alcohol or smoking so go for it. I live in the UK and people do drugs all the time anyway so it doesn’t really matter

  12. Tara Copps on

    “First place in the world” Umm no definitely not in the world but the US ye maybe. Marijuana is completely legal even for recreational use in the Netherlands.

  13. Katie Winzer on

    I’m For it just so long that the doctors don’t just hand it out to anyone and you do have to have a lot of checks done before you use it

  14. Alicia Dunk on

    I don’t think legalising marijuana is a very good idea. It’s an addictive drug and I personally think doing drugs or drinking alcohol is wrong. But if someone wants to drink or do drugs, that’s their decision. When you start mixing the two (alcohol and marijuana) that’s when people can end up dying. I’m more afraid that people are going to abuse marijuana. And I don’t want to see what’s at the end of that road…

  15. Stephanie R on

    It’s possible he means that though you can possess it in other places, it might still be illegal to sell and Colorado is the first place to completely decriminalize every aspect of producing, selling, owning, etc.

  16. Jessica Lauren on

    Generally, people who think it’s bad are uneducated about the use of marijuana and hemp. If you’re against it, watch a documentary about it and then try and tell me it’s bad for me.

  17. Ingmar Visser on

    It’s not the first place where marihuana is legal. In the Netherlands marihuana is legal and you don’t have to have a medical condition. Anyone who is older than 16 van buy it

  18. Lub You on

    Beer is actually more harmful than marijuana. If people want to do drugs or whatever and it’s controlled, I say let them.

  19. kat s on

    Alcohol is way worse than weed. If you decide to try it make sure you have a good comedy and lots of your favorite snacks. 🙂

  20. izziewolf on

    i think that weed can really make people lazy and undetermined to do anything if its smoked regularly, like daily. recreationally i think its fine

  21. Una Gordon on

    I always think its better to kegalise and controll things like drugs, because then people feel a lit less guilty, imprissoned and pressured when it comes to taking these things. Do what you want, but be careful 🙂

  22. TheMusicianDood on

    I agree with a lot of people in the comments but we do have to point a couple things out, while in our current society drinking is accepted, getting drunk is looked down on by the majority because you’re not in your right state of mind. We do also have many laws regarding the use of alcohol too, it’s not as open as you might think it is.

    Marijuana will one day be legal worldwide, along with other drugs, in controlled environments, alcohol is also controlled. Don’t forget that.

  23. Matt Blanch on

    Another great video Jack and I am all for legalisation.

    I believe it comes down to giving people the choice to take it or not and providing adequate information to ensure that its an informed choice.

    Also with legalisation it means it will be taxed, which is a massive win in my eyes, especially if that tax is going to the people that need it and in this case it is.

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