[Bonus footage!] Nectar For The Gods – Four strain selection tent – Day 54 flower.

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April 16, 2015
How To Mix Soil And Why For Growing 1 Pound Medical Marijuana Plants
April 16, 2015

Just wanted to give a peek into this garden before it comes down… This was a little side project that I started to keep my seed-popping addiction fulfilled without taking up space in the…


  1. MILK MAN says:

    Raid ! Should keep the wasp away. lol ! MILKM@N(oYo)

  2. northCALIFA says:

    hell yeah. my white romulan from OGR has a crazy garlicky rubbery “new
    tennis ball” mixed with body odor. so weird

  3. Mike Street says:

    Will you post a smoke report after drying and curing please.
    I am interested in Nectar For The Gods nutrients.
    Thank You

  4. prndownload says:

    I like these kinds of connoisseur style videos.

  5. My Stoner Mind says:

    How much do you get per plant on average dried, in grams?!

  6. Vincent Barrios says:

    The best products from NFTGs are Bloom Khaos and Herculean Harvest. You are
    suppose to use Aprodite’s Extraction and Olympus Down with it as well to
    avoid calcium deficiency. They say to foilar spray with BK up until first
    couple weeks of flower and then water it in. All the other products are ok
    but Bloom Khaos is their flagship product. The interview Scott did with
    Monster Gardens and Dude Grows show is really good and explains each
    product. Im using NFTG and Blue Planet 1/4 strength and my soil plants are
    growing like hydro. I’m growing in recycled TLO soil and using teas too.
    Nice looking frosty plants though. They seem a tiny bit lime green, I’m not
    sure if that is a deficiency or just the strain but other than that they
    look great man, well done.

  7. dirtybongwater grows meds says:

    lol did you say raid was listening to this while trimming and had to play
    that back please do a smoke report on the raid smelling plant want to know
    if the smell stays after cure.

  8. EastCoastBully says:

    Super stinky body odor funk!!! That’s just perfect!!!! Ha!!!
    “Smelling it not on a cannabis plant, I’d be like what the fuck?”
    Gotta be the best descriptions outta most of the major growers I watch. Got
    me drooln!! Lol